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RECYCLING: Wet Grinder Washes Away Paper Labels

Originally titled 'RECYCLING/SCRAP RECLAIM: Wet Grinder Dissolves Paper Labels'
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At NPE 2015, Zimmer America will feature new STF Group's wet grinder that can dissolve around 95% of paper labels during shredding.

Zimmer America Recycling Solutions, (ZARS), Cowpens, S.C., the exclusive full-service North American sales agent for Germany’s STF Group, will showcase STF’s new wet grinder at NPE 2015. The KSM 800 Series cutting mill, specially developed for the wet comminution of post-consumer plastics, features high and continuous capacity that is secured by its 5/7- bladed V-cut rotor and feeding device. It has been designed and optimized for comminution of bulky plastics and is powered by 90-160 kW.

            According to ZARS, through the addition of water, the shredding process in this wet grinder provides a combination of grinding and cleaning effects. During shredding, around 95% of the paper labels are dissolved in the water. The funnel feeding design of this massive welded steel construction unit is suited to belt conveyor and screw conveyor feeding.  STF Groups is both the largest PET recycler in Europe and an equipment maker. The company designs whole plastic sorting and washing plants, which include the following key components: bale breaker, dry label scraper, wet and dry grinder, friction cleaner, hot washer, sink-float tank, air-stream separator, filling station. 


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