Wire-Wrapped TPU Tube Is Made by Extrusion

Relatively large-diameter surgical tubing (0.8 in.

Relatively large-diameter surgical tubing (0.8 in. OD) is being made of extruded TPU wound with stainless-steel wire. Putnam Plastics Co., Dayville, Conn., showed it for the first time at MD&M West in Anaheim, Calif., in January. This is said to be the first large, wire-wound TPU tube made by extrusion, because wire coiling is difficult in larger diameters. Normally a reinforced tube that large would be made by dipping a wire coil in thermoset silicone or a solvent-based TPU solution. Putnam says it achieves the same properties more cost-effectively with extrusion. (860) 774-1559 • www.putnamplastics.com