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PUBLISHED: 3/23/2018

All-Electric Wheel & Recip-Screw Blow Molders

Wilmington Machinery offers machines for small bottles, large handleware, and industrial parts.

PUBLISHED: 3/22/2018

Versatile Stretch-Blow Molder for Wide or Narrow Necks

FlexBlow reheat stretch-blow molder makes bottles with 18-to-110-mm necks and supports quick changeovers.

PUBLISHED: 3/22/2018

Compression Blow Forming Makes an Appearance at NPE2018

Unique high-volume, rotary blow molding system from Sacmi is running at NPE2018.

PUBLISHED: 3/22/2018

U.S.-Built All-Electric Shuttle from Bekum

Bekum’s EBlow 407DL targets high-speed production of small bottles.

PUBLISHED: 3/22/2018

Large All-Electric Shuttle Blow Molder

Hesta’s newest and largest machine has 900-mm mold stroke.

PUBLISHED: 3/22/2018

Enhanced PET Stretch-Blow Technologies from KHS

KHS enhanced its Blowmax rotary reheat stretch-blow machine to meet demand for single-serve beverage bottles. It also developed what’s said to be the lightest half-liter PET bottle for still water.

PUBLISHED: 3/22/2018

New PET Machines & Pinch-Handle Technology

SIDE presents a new generation of PET stretch-blow molding machines for products from 250 ml to 10 L.

PUBLISHED: 3/22/2018

One- and Two-Stage PET Machines for Higher Productivity & Specialty Products

Five machines from Nissei ASB are stretch-blow molding: beer bottles, airline liquor miniatures, sports bottles, premium cosmetics bottles, and wide-mouth, hot-fill jars.

PUBLISHED: 3/22/2018

U.S. Debut of Versatile Injection Stretch-Blow Machine

Mould & Matic Solutions presents its Blowliner system for PET, PP, and HDPE bottles from 10 ml to 5 L.

PUBLISHED: 3/21/2018

Injection-Blow Machines with Energy-Saving Servo-Hydraulics

Jomar’s IntelliDrive servo-hydraulic pump brings major energy savings to injection-blow molding.

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