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PUBLISHED: 11/11/2019

Compounding: Quick-Color-Change Lab Twin

Throughout the exhibit, KraussMaffei ran nine different liquid colors, changing at the push of a button, to demonstrate time- and process-saving technology.

PUBLISHED: 10/4/2019

Compounding: Beefed-Up Controls for Mixing

Farrel Pomini and parent company show control solutions at K 2019.

PUBLISHED: 10/1/2019

Mixing: High-Shear Mixers for Viscous Applications

Hybrid mixer has stirrer, disperse blades.

PUBLISHED: 9/30/2019

Compounding: Two-Extruder Setup for Glass- or Carbon-Fiber Runs

Setup reportedly offers better melt homgenity while maintaining integrity of glass or carbon-fiber additives.

PUBLISHED: 8/8/2019

Mixing: Multi-Shaft Mixer for Hot Melts, Viscous Dispersions

Suitable for high heat operation up to 600 F, it includes an insulated 50-psig stainless-steel dimpled jacket covering the side and bottom of the dished bottom mixing can

PUBLISHED: 8/8/2019

Compounding: Strand Pelletizers Improve Quality, Ease Handling

Dual-bearing strand pelletizers re-engineered based on field experience and current market demands.

PUBLISHED: 6/10/2019

Mixing: Triple-Shaft Mixer Can Pivot

New design allows the machine to be raised from a vessel, rotate 90˚ and lowered into another vessel

PUBLISHED: 5/7/2019

Mixing: Mixer/Reactor for Temperature-Critical Applications

Suited for temperature-critical formulations of medium to high viscosity under stringent vacuum/pressure constraints.

PUBLISHED: 5/7/2019

Compounding: Twin Screw in a New Size

Designed especially for research and development as well as for production of small batch sizes.

PUBLISHED: 5/7/2019

Pelletizing: Extrusion Control System Extended to Pelletizing

First unit in place at a rotomolder for recycling scrap.