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PUBLISHED: 3/22/2018

One-Step Color Masterbatch Production

KraussMaffei Berstorff Liquid Color Compounding Technology allows masterbatches to be run without the need for ‘mono-concentrate’ production steps.

PUBLISHED: 3/15/2018

Wide Range of Products for Extrusion, Compounding

Screen changers, gear pumps, pelletizers, pellet dryers and more on display from Maag.

PUBLISHED: 3/13/2018

Pellet Dryer Reduces Cost of Wear From Abrasive Compounds

BKG Pellet Dryer from Nordson enabled Domo Engineering Plastics GmbH to increase productivity by cutting maintenance times up to 70%.

PUBLISHED: 3/13/2018

Precision Mixing in Large Dimensions

Biggest-ever MTI mixer will be shipped to PVC pipe processor right after the show.

PUBLISHED: 2/23/2018

Gamut of New Technologies for Compounding

Leistritz Extrusion’s wide-ranging display of twin-screw extruder related technologies at NPE2018 includes a system for manufacturing 3D filaments.   

PUBLISHED: 2/22/2018

Flexible Twin for Small-Lot Compounding, High-Output Extruder

ENTEK displaying two new twin-screw extruders in an interactive display that also features its screw layout program.

PUBLISHED: 2/21/2018

'Augmented Reality' Highlights Project Engineering Capabilities

Farrel Pomini highlights project engineering and service solutions, including a display that will feature its augmented reality capabilities.

PUBLISHED: 2/16/2018

Compounding: Multi-Shaft Mixer in New Size

Aimed at processing medium to high-viscosity materials.

PUBLISHED: 1/2/2018

Compounding: Custom-Designed Process Vessels

Agitator shaft utilizes a mechanical seal running in an oil bath.