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PUBLISHED: 4/4/2016

DRYING: Unit for Low, Mid-Range Throughputs

Dual-desiccant bed units require no compressed air.

PUBLISHED: 3/3/2016

DRYING: Desiccant Wheels Come Standard With Color Touchscreens

All units furnished with 7-in. high-resolution touchscreen PLC.

PUBLISHED: 3/3/2016

DRYING: Compressed-Air Micro Dryers

Said to be suited for smaller extrusion, micro molding, and AM applications.

PUBLISHED: 3/2/2016

CONTROLS: System-Wide PLC Control of Auxilairies

New control system priced below older technologies.

PUBLISHED: 10/23/2015

AUXILIARIES: New Loaders, Granulators, Dryers & More at Fakuma Show

AUXILIARIES: New Loaders, Granulators, Dryers & More at Fakuma Show

PUBLISHED: 9/3/2015

DRYING: RF Drying For Temperature-Sensitive Materials

System employs volumetric heating.

PUBLISHED: 6/1/2015

AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT: Full Line Dedicated to Medical

Extrusion, drying, conveying, and heating/cooling equipment tailored for medical applications.

PUBLISHED: 3/5/2015

AUXILIARIES: A Full Range of Updated Auxiliary Equipment Featured at NPE

Temperature controllers, dryers, conveying systems and blenders included.

PUBLISHED: 3/5/2015

DRYING: Vacuum Dryer Adds Load Cells for Greater Accuracy

Load cells provide continuous control of the resin level in the vacuum chamber and retention hopper.

PUBLISHED: 2/24/2015

DRYING: Dryer Slashes Energy Demand

Auto adjustment to load can save up to 75%.

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