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PUBLISHED: 8/5/2020

Extrusion: Revamped High-Speed Line Packs More Processing Power, Flexibility

New extruder from PTi has a maximum capacity 3600 lb/hr, a 33-38% increase in throughput over its previous high-speed design.

PUBLISHED: 7/7/2020

Extrusion: Inspection System for Corrugated Tubing

The ProfilControl7 S from Pixargus, Würselen, Germany, in an inline gauge that reportedly makes it possible to inspect the complete wavy structure of corrugated tubing gaplessly.

PUBLISHED: 7/7/2020

Extrusion: Auto Die for Coating Applications

Equipped with a motorized internal and external deckling system for safe and easy operation.   

PUBLISHED: 7/7/2020

Extrusion: Coil-Strapping System Protects Tubing, Simplifies Handling

Unit automatically and securely straps finished coils of small-diameter extruded tubing.

PUBLISHED: 6/3/2020

Extrusion: On-Line Sensor Brings Clarity to Transparent Films

New system from NDC offers 100% continuous quality measurement and control.

PUBLISHED: 6/3/2020

Extrusion: Enhanced Deckle Boosts Coating Productivity

Simplified mechanisms for Nordson  EPC die streamline the adjustment of coating width while reducing the size of edge bead. 

PUBLISHED: 6/3/2020

Extrusion: Start Your Extruder Drive With No Technician, Manual

Smart Up Assistant takes users step-by-step through the start up of the ACPAK AC drive while permitting the supplier to connect to the drive and verify settings.

PUBLISHED: 6/3/2020

Extrusion: Power Extruder Clamp Speeds Changeovers

AutoGrip electro-mechanical clamp can be operated from a safe distance by a two-hand pushbutton controller. 

PUBLISHED: 4/29/2020

Auxiliary Equipment: Insulation Blanket Beats the Heat, Improves Safety

Blankets are also said by processor that uses them to be easy to use and remove.

PUBLISHED: 4/29/2020

Extrusion: Energy-Efficient Dryer for Complex Profiles

Novel system uses compressed air to dry profiles without damaging or distorting them.