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PUBLISHED: 1/24/2020

Materials: New Addition to a Line of Biodegradable Bioplastics for Fruit and Vegetable Bags

Kompuestos’ new bioplastic is based solely on potato starch and is degradable on ground in four weeks.

PUBLISHED: 1/22/2020

Materials: First ACDA-Free Chemically-Foamed HDPE

Borealis is offering a more sustainable ADCA-free HDPE compound in anticipation of potentially disruptive effects to the cable industry.

PUBLISHED: 1/20/2020

Materials: Specialty Engineering Thermoplastic Compounds for Firearms

Conventus Polymers unveils new engineered material solutions at the 2020 SHOT Show.

PUBLISHED: 1/20/2020

Materials: Non-Halogen, Intumescent Flame-Retardant Polyolefin Compounds

Dynamic Modigiers’ newly rebranded line of FR polyolefin compounds expanded to demanding film applications. 

PUBLISHED: 1/20/2020

Materials: Medical-Grade Compounds with Degradation Resistance and Enhanced for Laser Marking and Welding

Clariant is adding two new series to its Mevopur porfolio and marking its 10th year at MD&M West with the theme, The Color of Innovation – The Science of Design.

PUBLISHED: 1/17/2020

Additives: Color Concentrates for HDPE Personal Care Packaging

Holland Colours’ Holcopearl 2286 marks the company’s entry into polyolefin colorants.

PUBLISHED: 1/16/2020

Additives: Latest Tests Show High Performance of New Liquid Additive in 100% Polyolefin Regrind

Riverdale Global’s ‘strenghthening’ additive shown to boost properties of PP and HDPE post-consumer recyclate while enhancing flow and part consitency.

PUBLISHED: 1/16/2020

Materials: Specialty Compounds Formulated for Surgical Robotic Systems

RTP Co. has developed thermoplastic compounds for monitors, instruments and staplers. 

PUBLISHED: 1/10/2020

Materials: Full Range of Compounds for All Components in 5G Antenna Cables

Teknor’s Apex PVC, Flexalloy PVC Elastomer, and Halguard Halogen-Free Polyolefin Compounds help meet carriers’ need for control/fiber optic cable constructions.

PUBLISHED: 1/9/2020

Materials: New Medical-Grade TPEs Offer Economical and Productivity Advantages Over Silicones

Teknor Apex’s Medalist MD compounds include formulations with enhanced resistance to chemicals encountered in wearable applications.