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PUBLISHED: 9/9/2019

Materials: New Self-Bonding LSR for Overmolding onto PC, PBT

Primerless adhesion of Momentive’s new LSR to PC and polyesters will be demonstrated at K 2019.

PUBLISHED: 9/2/2019

Materials: Novel Nylon 66 and Modified PPE Foams for Automotive

Asahi Kasei develops ‘first’ nylon 66 bead and modified PPE foams for challenging automotive applications. 

PUBLISHED: 8/28/2019

Materials: Advanced Fluoropolymers Enhance Themoplastic Composites

AGC Chemical’s new Fluon reins and compounds boost strength heat tolerance, adhesion and more.

PUBLISHED: 8/27/2019

Materials: Novel Nylon 6 Compounds Outperform Standard Nylon 6

Teknor’s Creamid P nylon 6 series boasts less water absorption, allowing for superior property retention.

PUBLISHED: 8/20/2019

Materials: Broader Range of Biobased and Recycled Resins to Debut at K 2019

Albis Plastics is among several companie to feature an expanded ‘greener’ portfolio of resins and compounds. 

PUBLISHED: 8/13/2019

Materials: Lightweight Honeycomb Production Technology at K 2019

EconCore to highlight its patented technology for various industries.

PUBLISHED: 8/13/2019

Materials: Next Generation Conductive Masterbatch Technologies

RTP Co.’s new CCX line designed to mitigate ESD.

PUBLISHED: 8/8/2019

Materials: Victrex Awarded Key Automotive Quality Standard for Manufacture of Gears on Display at K 2019

USA design and manufacturing facility proves performance power with PEEK-based gears available for both ICE & electric powertrain platforms.

PUBLISHED: 8/7/2019

Materials: Low-Dielectric-Loss PEI for Electronic Components in 5G Communications and Millimeter-Wave Radar

A polyimide (PEI) material suitable for electronic components used in 5G communications and for millimeter-wave radar has been developed by Toray Industries, Inc. (U.S. office in NYC, N.Y.). The new material has the heat resistance, mechanical chara...

PUBLISHED: 8/7/2019

Materials: PPE-Based Compounds for 5G Base Station Antennas

New polymer formulations in response to highly innovative fifth generation (5G) telecommunications network development that will help increase speed to market and design flexibility for 5G base station antenna manufacturers have been unveiled by Pol...

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