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PUBLISHED: 6/18/2020

Automation: Plug-and-Play Screwdriver for Cobots

OnRobot’s screwdriver features built-in smart features—including precise torque and embedded axis control—that simplify programming and boost productivity.

PUBLISHED: 6/6/2020

Automation: New Hardware & Software for Low-Cost Robots

igus offers a new linear seventh axis, free downloadable control software, and a new range of modular components.

PUBLISHED: 6/6/2020

Automation: New Dust- & Waterproof Cobot for Sanitary Applications

Said to be the industry’s first IP67-rated collaborative robot.

PUBLISHED: 4/23/2020

Automation: Cobot Adds Interface for Easier Integration With Injection Molding Machines

Universal Robots has developed an Injection Molding Machine Interface (IMMI) supported by EUROMAP 67 and SPI AN-146 communication protocols, simplifying cobot/machine integration.

PUBLISHED: 4/9/2020

Automation: Kit Turns Cobots into Autonomous Bin Pickers

Universal Robots says ActiNav allows its cobots to autonomously extract parts from a bin and place them with precision and orientation.

PUBLISHED: 3/3/2020

Automation: System Promises Greater Flexibility for Molded Packaging

Integrated automation system can accommodate multiple molds and cavitation, from one to 48, allowing it to adapt to changing applications and volumes.

PUBLISHED: 2/25/2020

Automation: Vacuum Gripper Now Compatible with Wider Range of Cobots

Piab’s piCobot vacuum-cup gripper now fits all brands of cobots.

PUBLISHED: 2/25/2020

Automation: Smaller Non-Marking Gripper For Smooth, Shiny or Perforated Surfaces

OnRobot’s gripper mirrors the microstructure of a gecko lizard’s feet.

PUBLISHED: 2/5/2020

Injection Molding: ABB Robots Integrated Into B&R Machine Controls

Injection and blow molding machines with B&R controls can now integrate control of ABB robots.

PUBLISHED: 2/3/2020

Automation: New Lightweight, Compact Cobots

Fanuc brings out CRX-10iA line of collaborative robots.