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PUBLISHED: 4/8/2020

Testing:'First' Tailor-Made Process for Small-Scale Thermoplastics Sample Preparation

MeltPrep offers free sample preparation of thermoplastic formulations with the launch of its VCM process.

PUBLISHED: 4/7/2020

Testing: 3D Laser Scanner for Large-Scale Parts and Industrial Environments

Exact Metrology’s new Leica RTC360 Scanner offering is a portable coordinate measuring machine with 3D reality capture.

PUBLISHED: 4/3/2020

Inspection System for Corrugated Pipe

New system can detect flaws in pipe areas deemed undetectable previously.

PUBLISHED: 4/3/2020

Extrusion: Measure Optical Distortion in Sheet in Real Time

Osprey 9 CW enables real-time, continuous inspection and measurement of continuous product, identifying and quantifying all types of optical distortion over the entire web of PC and acrylic sheet before cutting.

PUBLISHED: 4/2/2020

Testing: High-Speed Universal Testing Machine

Lloyd Instruements’ new LS5HS boasts ultra-high speed testing along with flexibility, reliability and highly accurate test results. 

PUBLISHED: 3/26/2020

Testing: Tablet for Use with Material Testing Machines

Lloyd Instruments’ new 13-in. tablet provides easy materials testing.

PUBLISHED: 3/23/2020

Testing: Enhanced Processor for Profile Measurement

Mitutoyo’s new M2 D2 Processor now part of package with PH-3515 Profile Projector for measuring profile dimensions.

PUBLISHED: 2/10/2020

Testing: New Test & Inspection Systems for Tamper-Evident Caps

Pull-off tester, slitting inspection, and pinhole detection for beverage and other TE closures.

PUBLISHED: 1/23/2020

Blow Molding: Online PET Preform Inspection Uses AI to ‘Self-Learn’

SACMI’s new Preform Vision System can be used inline with PET preform injection molding.

PUBLISHED: 1/14/2020

Testing: Versatile Hardness Tester Expands Range of Measurements

Mitutoyo’s HR-600 Series combines functionality of two key industry hardness testing protocols.