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PUBLISHED: 2/23/2018

New Drop Weight Testers for Engineering Resins and Composites

Zwick's Amsler HIT line drop weight testers feature a very broad energy range for testing specimens and components.

PUBLISHED: 2/16/2018

New 4.0 Measurement and Control Solutions for Webs

Systems provide data integration and connectivity down to the gauge level. 

PUBLISHED: 2/16/2018

Pipe, Tube Measurement/Control Solutions for Industry 4.0

Non-contact length and speed gauge measures a product’s wall thickness and concentricity, offering high-speed tolerance checking and multi-layer measurements. 

PUBLISHED: 12/15/2017

Testing: Vision Extensometer Tests Structural Materials

Startup Point Semantics high-performance extensometer is designed for plastics, composites, elastomers, metal alloys and other materials. 

PUBLISHED: 9/20/2017

Testing: High-Pressure TGA Benchtop for High-Performance Plastics

TA Instruments is said to have launched the first ‘benchtop’ high-pressure TGA system.

PUBLISHED: 9/20/2017

Testing: Laser Scanner for Complex Parts

Nilon Metrology’s new handheld instrument is said to be ideal for use during prototyping and design of thermoplastic parts and reverse engineering.

PUBLISHED: 9/20/2017

Testing: Haze Meter for Plastic Films

Gardco’s Novo-Haze TX measures total transmission and haze.

PUBLISHED: 6/9/2017

TESTING: New Software Boosts Surface Analyzer's Capabilities

BTG Labs has further enhanced its unique handheld Surface Analyst for shop floor use.

PUBLISHED: 4/11/2017

TESTING: Advanced DSC/TGA Thermal Analyzer

TA Instruments' STD 650 boasts excellent sensitivity, baseline stability, temperature and atmosphere control.

PUBLISHED: 2/20/2017

TESTING & MEASURING: New Automated Laboratory & Thickness Sensor for PET Bottles

Custom test cell integrates multiple devices. Improved thickness sensor for bottles, preforms.

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