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An Agricultural Recycling 'Revolution'

Published on 12/1/2019

Revolution is a leading brand bringing together expertise in recycling of agricultural film and manufacturing of plastic film, bags and irrigation tubing. The focus in all areas is to create sustainable closed-loop systems and use as much post-consumer resin as possible in all products manufactured.


Multiple Stakeholders in MN Recycling Agricultural Plastic

Published on 6/3/2016

There’s plenty of talk about consumer plastic packaging waste but what about agricultural plastic?


Expanded Novel NOR Stabilizer Technology for Agricultural Films from BASF

Published on 11/30/2020

BASF’s new plant to deliver wider range of NOR UV and thermal stabilizers to benefit growing global agricultural industry.


PE Market Snapshot: Agricultural Film

Published on 3/23/2018

Ag film growth over the next five years projected at 6.5%.


VTT Develops Biobased PEF from Pectin-Containing Agricultural Waste

Published on 12/14/2020

The carbon footprint of plastic bottles can be lowered by 50% says VTT technical research center when replacing their raw PET material with PEF made from  citrus peel and sugar beet pulp.


NatureWorks Aims for 100 Percent Certified Sustainable Feedstock by 2020

Published on 2/18/2019

Agricultural feedstocks for Ingeo PLA biopolymer will be certified as environmentally and socially sustainable by third party ISCC.


Novel Additives Lift the Fog

Published on 8/19/2019

Kafrit has new developments in anti-fog technology for PETG, nylon, PLA for agricultural and packaging film and sheet.


DowDuPont to Complete Spin-Off of Companies

Published on 5/9/2019

Following last month’s spin-off of a ‘new’ Dow, the spin-off of an independent DuPont materials company and the new Corteva agriculture firm will take place June 1.


ExxonMobil Starts Up New PE Production Line

Published on 7/30/2019

Focus is on high-performance materials used for liquid and food packagin, construction liners and agricultural films.


Making Bags from Old Ag Film

Published on 8/28/2013

Whats billed as the first-ever operation to recycle agricultural film into grocery sacks was launched last month by California bag maker Command Packaging.

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