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New EZLoad Loaders from Conair Offer Reliable, Low-Cost Automation for Basic Loading Needs

The EZLoad Series single-tube loaders from Conair offer processors simple, reliable, and low-cost solutions for a range of everyday, point-to-point material conveying and loading applications. Based on the proven design of Conair’s popular Access series loaders, EZLoad loaders offer the same angled canister design and hinged filter lid that tilts back and locks to enable easy access for cleaning or filter maintenance.

The EZLoad control was specifically developed to serve loading applications where advanced load-control features are not necessary. There’s no programming required. Once it is turned on, the EZLoad control manages load and dump times automatically. A standard reed switch located on the base of the loader indicates demand, while the EZLoad control automatically adjusts loading time based on resin bulk density to ensure complete hopper fill. The control also features a horn to notify the operator of a material-out situation.

“The EZLoad loaders are priced about $300 lower than similarly sized loaders,” explains Doug Brewster, Conveying Product Manager. “The trade-off is that higher-level loading functions – like line purging and ratio loading – are not available. Still, for 10 – 15% of loading applications, these capabilities are not necessary and, in those situations, why pay for functionality you don’t need?”

EZLoad Series loaders are available in two models, with three vacuum motors available to meet varied conveying distance and throughput requirements. Each top-mounted vacuum motor is contained in a sound-dampening plastic housing.

For direct feed applications, EZLoad loaders can also be equipped with optional hoppers that mount directly to a machine throat. The EZLoad 2 can mount to glass hoppers in three sizes (3 lb, 11 lb, or 21 lb) or to a 10-lb stainless-steel hopper, while the EZLoad 5 can be mated to 20 or 40 lb stainless-steel hoppers.

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DOING OUR PART FOR OVER 60 YEARS Conair was founded in 1956 to invent and manufacture equipment that would help the growing number of plastics processors get up and running efficiently and profitably, with higher levels of quality.

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Most chillers operate at full speed, regardless of load.

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