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As Seen In Plastics Technology

New Hasco safety couplings.

Tooling: New Mold Components at Fakuma Show
Automatic safety locks, mold status indicators, hose manifold blocks, online ejector configurators, and new flexible lifters.

Progressive Components CVe live

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Mold Components, Supplies, Maintenance
Advances include new approaches to tool maintenance and monitoring.

CUMSA Vacuumjet Systems.

Vacuum Units Offer Multiple Benefits
CUMSA has two new vacuum devices, the Double Action Vacuumjet (VB) and the Smart Vacuumjet (SV), at NPE2018.

Thermoplay small nozzle mini valve gate

Hot Runners & Tooling at NPE2018: Smarter & More Specialized
Hot-runner technology, like the companies utilizing it, is becoming highly specialized, building in focused functionality for the application to be molded. Like most of the equipment in the cell around it, it’s also becoming smarter, sharing data and reacting to feedback from the press and more.

CUMSA Double Rack Lifter (DR) & Cooled Rack Lifter (KR)

Double-Racked Lifters Save Time and Simplify Tool Construction
CUMSA Double Racks Lifters (DRs) improve rigidity and limit the need for angled channels through multiple mold plates.

CUMSA RF lifter

TOOLING: Easy Lifter Adjustment in Ejector Plates
New component makes it easier to fine-tune the installation of lifters into ejector plates.

Incoe DF 12 nozzle

Hot Runners & 3D-Printed Molds Headlined at K Show
Automotive was a key focus for hot-runner developments. 3D-printed plastic prototype tools were another highlight.

TOOLING: High-Speed Cycle Counter
Unit runs up to 9,999,999 shots.

TOOLING: Automatic Multi-Dater
Space-saving device is for medium- to large parts that need traceability markings.

TOOLING: Vacuum System Removes Trapped Gas
Based on venturi principle that transforms entering air into negative energy.

TOOLING: Novel Air Poppet Valve Resists High Pressures
Poppet valve for parts removal from injection molds keeps parts from sticking.

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