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Virtually eliminate streamers, angel-hair, snakeskins, fines and elbow wear with The Smart Elbow®.

Save Space: Smart Elbow installations require 60% less linear space than long-radius elbow layouts. Save Money: The Smart Elbow will eliminate elbow replacement costs, improve laminar flow, save the cost of material which might have been lost through leakage, and reduce product degradation. Save Time: Smart Elbows improve system efficiency by virtually eliminating downtime due to wear, preventing plugging, surging and cross-contamination, and reducing maintenance needs.

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Virtually eliminate streamers, angel-hair, snakeskins, fines and elbow wear with The Smart Elbow®.

The Smart Elbow® for pneumatic and slurry conveying systems eliminates elbow wear, streamers, angel-hair, fines, snakeskins, plugging, surging, cross-contamination, noise, turbulence, etc.

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HammerTek deflection elbow

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Abrasion Resistant Coatings
Conveying Equipment (pneumatic and Mechanical)
Hydraulic Components and Systems
Pneumatic Components (including Compressors)

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Smart Elbow®