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As Seen In Plastics Technology

Extrusion: Software Simulates Extrudate Cooling and Shrinkage
Eliminates need for processors to purchase two separate software packages for simulating the flow inside the die and for predicting the extrudate cooling.

EXTRUSION: Enhanced Die Design Software
Can run in both Autodesk and Solidworks as add-in.

SOFTWARE: Enhanced Die Design Software Minimizes Tuning
Said to enable cutting of physical tuning by 50%.

EXTRUSION: Die-Flow Simulation ‘in the Cloud’
Plastic Flow, LLC , Hancock, Mich., has just released a Pay Per Execution (PPX) version of its extrusion die design software, polyXtrue.

Faster Die-Flow Simulation
Plastic Flow LLC, Houghton, Mich., a spin-off from Michigan Tech University, released polyXtrue software last summer to simulate monolayer die flow.

Product Categories of Plastic Flow, LLC

Extrusion Dies
Mold/Tooling Design Services
Product & Tool Design, Analysis Software (CAD/CAM/CAE)

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