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Commodity Resin Prices End Year on Downward Path
Falling feedstock costs are one factor driving prices lower for PP, PS, PVC and PET, while PE remains flat.

PE film

Commodity Resin Prices Generally Trending Downward Heading to Year's End
Falling raw material and feedstock costs are one common denominator driving prices of PP, PS, PVC and PET down, while PE is flat.

Higher Prices for Commodity Resins, Except PP
Higher feedstock prices and strong demand drive price hikes for PE, PS, PVC and PET.

PET prices September 2018

Upward Pricing for Commodity Resins with Exception of PP; Flat Pricing Underway?
Higher feedstock prices, strong demand, and tariffs drive price hikes upwards for now.

resin prices mid-September 2018

Flat to Lower Pricing for Volume Resins— Except Nylons
Improved supply/demand balance in key feedstocks and resins is steering prices flat to lower, but not for nylons.

September 2018 plastics resin pricing

Pricing Trajectory is Flat-to-Down for Most Volume Resins
Nylons 6 and 66 are the key exceptions due to tightness of feedstock and resin.

Market Prices effective mid-August 2018

Prices Flat for PE, PVC; Down for PS; Up for PP, PET
Contrary feedstock and demand trends lead to divergent pricing behavior.

July 2018 Resin Pricing Table

Prices Up for PP & PET; Flat for PE, PS, PVC
The upward trend for PP and PET continued, but at least PP prices likely have peaked.

Prices Flat for PE, PVC; Down for PS; Up for PP, PET
Contrary feedstock and demand trends lead to divergent pricing behavior.

PT resin Pricing July 2018

Prices Flat for PE, PS, PVC; Up for PP & PET
Last month's pricing trajectory was somewhat surprising with more eye openers possible for the July/August timeframe and beyond, as trade war looms.

polyethylene price trends

Mixed Bag for Prices of Volume Resins
Prices are up for PP, PET and nylon 66; flat-to-down for most others.

June 2018 resin prices

Prices of Six Volume Resins Flat-to-Down
Upward pricing for PP, PET, nylon 66 is in contrast with the other six volume resins.

PE prices

Commodity Resin Prices Mostly Flat to Down
PET and, possibly PP, are the exceptions.

PVC pipe prices

PP Bucks Flat-to-Down Trend for Commodity Resin Prices
Driving the general trajectory are lower cost feedstocks, improved monomer and polymer availability, and slowed exports, depending on the resin.

Market Prices Mid-April 2018

Mixed Bag for Commodity Resin Prices
Following price increases for most resins except PP, a flat-to-downward trajectory emerged.

April 2018 Plastics Technology resin pricing

Pricing on Flat-to-Down Trajectory for Volume Resins
Sustaining some first quarter price hikes seems unlikely.

Market Prices Effective Mid March 2018

Volume Resin Prices Mostly Up
At the conclusion of the first quarter, the price trajectory was upward, except for PP and nylon 6.

Resin Market Prices mid-February 2018

Higher Prices for Commodity Resins
Only PP is facing a downward correction.

Resin pricing February 2018

Downward Pricing Trajectory for PP; Upward for PE, PS, PVC, PET
Commodity resin prices climbed in the first week of February, with the exception of PP, which spiked in January and is now correcting along with propylene monomer.

Market Resin Prices effective mid-January

PE, PVC Prices Down; PP, PS, PET Up
But what’s going up could go down again soon.

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