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As Seen In Plastics Technology

The 2017 Ford F-150's open/close valve actuation system--made of polyacetal+PTFE and nylon 6--won the powertrain category and was the grand award winner.

Several Thermoplastic 'Firsts' Among 2018 SPE Automotive Awards
With the addition of an Additive Manufacturing slot, all nine categories exemplify innovation and transferability in the use of plastics.

Trinseo Expands into Soft-Touch Polymers Through Acquisition
Italy's API has a broad portfolio including TPEs, TPUs, EVA-based compounds, two component PU, as well as bioplastics.

air-intake manifold

Automotive Plastics: New Thermoplastic Solutions Redefine ‘Performance’ from All Angles
Lightweighting and resistance to heat, chemicals and weathering drive developments in thermoplastics for interiors, exteriors, underhood, powertrain and chassis.

Thermoplastics in Expanded Automotive Applications
From all angles, new thermoplastic solutions redefine ‘performance’.

MATERIALS: High-Concentration LGF-PP for Automotive
Trinseo's new Enlite is said to be the first PP compound with an 85% long glass fiber (LGF) content.

MATERIALS: PC-ABS with a Density Advantage for Automotive
Trinseo's new series of PC-ABS are aimed at providing lightweight, cost-effective alternatives for exterior auto components.

Finalists in Process/Assembly Category of SPE Auto Awards
Blow molded spoilers, high- and low-gloss door trim, and 2-shot chrome and paint highlighted in the process/assembly enabling technologies category.

Body Interior Finalists SPE Auto Innovation Awards
Check out these interesting finalists of the 2015 SPE Automotive Innovation Awards within the body interior category.

ADDITIVES: New Food-Contact & Environmental Certification for Plastic Additives
Four additives suppliers have recently received food-contact and environmental certifications for industry workhorse additives.

Styron Is Now "Trinseo"
New name for Styron, "Trinseo", reflects diverse product range.

Broad Drop in Resin Prices
With feedstock and energy costs dropping globally, commodity and engineering resin prices are following suit.

MATERIALS: Specialty PC for Lighting & PC/PET for Medical Devices
At the recent Fakuma International trade show, Styron debuted two new Emerge Advance Resin grades.

MATERIALS: PC/PET "Stars" In First Electrical Application
Styron's PC/PET makes up housing of new power distribution unit.

Styron To Exit Domestic Commodity PC Resin Business
Specialty blends such as chemically-resistant Emerge PC/PET used for medical device housings, as well as other higher-margin compounds for lighting, electronics and automotive, are Styron's new focus in North America.

Styron To Exit Commodity PC Resin Business
Specialty PC compounds and blends in North America is Styron's new focus.

K 2013 Preview: Materials & Additives
The K 2013 show will present a broad range of engineered plastics materials, including thermoplastic composites, as well as additives. Automotive and electronic applications will be the main targets, as well as medical, packaging, lighting, and construction.

PP Compounds Used in First Thermoplastic Lift Gate in New Renault Clio
WEB EXCLUSIVE: The new Renault Clio sports what’s said to be the first all-thermoplastic, mono-material lift gate on a commercial vehicle.

MuCell Extrusion Gains Dow and Styron Film and Sheet Technology
MuCell Extrusion LLC, Woburn, Mass., made two moves last month that further expanded its capabilities in flat film and sheet foaming.

MATERIALS: New PC/ABS for Auto Interiors
WEB EXCLUSIVE: At NPE2012 this month, Styron Automotive, Berwyn, Pa., is introducing two new premium PC/ABS blends that are said to be more easy-flowing and more cost-effective than competing grades.

Foamed PS sheet for packaging is made with Styron's CO2RE technology

Physically Foamed HIPS Is New Factor in Rigid Packaging
Relief for escalating costs of packaging materials and an opportunity to address sustainability goals are two factors that have helped attract global attention to a new physical foaming technology for HIPS packaging.

Styron to Become Trinseo
Styron LLC, Berwin, Pa., the company formed last June from the former Styron Div. of Dow Chemical Co., has decided to change its name.

Product Categories of Trinseo

Polycarbonate/ABS Alloys
Polypropylene (including Copolymers)
Thermoplastic Elastomers--Olefinic Type