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As Seen In Plastics Technology

At Dynamic Group, a small injection molder in Ramsey, Minn., a Universal Robots UR10 cobot handles the entire injection molding process.

PART 3 Cobots: The New Option for Injection Molders
Take all the versatility of an articulated-arm robot, and add the ability to work safely in proximity to humans without guarding, and you have a new option for freeing workers from repetitive operations.

Juergen van Holland (l.), president of Universal Robots, signing deal with Jean-Michel Renaudeau, CEO of Sepro Group.

Robot & Cobot Makers Are Pairing Up
Sepro adds its Visual controls to UR collaborative robots.

LiftKit adds a vertical seventh axis to UR robots.

Automation: New Accessories for Cobots
A vertical seventh axis and abrasive sander attachment for UR cobots.

UR5 cobot placing two tiny inserts into the mold, then demolding finished parts and runner.

Cobots Help Molder Find ‘Right Balance’ Between People and Automation
Short-run, quick-turn custom molder uses collaborative robots selectively to make people more productive.

Molding 2019 Robots and automation

The Automated Molding Shop Is Here; Are You Ready?
Robotic installation records are being smashed the world over, making it likely that your competitors (here and abroad) are automating—are you up on the latest technologies and best practices?

A dozen Markforged 3D printers for prototypes and short runs at EVCO Plastics.

Full Plate of New Technologies on the Table at EVCO Plastics
A new low-pressure molding process, 3D printing of production parts and prototype tooling, collaborative robots, and process monitoring with automatic QC are all on the menu.

OnRobot gripper on a Unversal Robots cobot.

OnRobot Opens U.S. Office in Dallas
Danish maker of electric grippers for many types of cobots.

UR e-Series cobots are more precise

Automation: Cobots Get Upgrades in Control & Precision
Universal Robots’ new e-Series cobots have tighter repeatability plus force control.

OnRobot gripper on Universal Robots cobot.

OnRobot Opens U.S. Office in Dallas
Danish maker of grippers for collaborative robots has new U.S. headquarters.

Piab Kenos KCS gripper for collaborative robots

Automation: New Grippers for Cobots
Two new gripper solutions for collaborative robots.

Universal Robots cobot feeds product into Kanga Poucher

‘Cobot’ Pioneer Makes NPE Debut
Universal Robots shows value of “collaborative” robots in form/fill/seal, box loading, and bottle packing/palletizing.

Industry 4.0 explained by VDMA

Injection Molding at NPE2018: A Showplace for the ‘Smart Factory’
In Orlando, you’ll glimpse the future, and it’s automated and interconnected. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways for plants of all sizes to get in on these trends.

Proco Machinery’s Robo Packer case packer Universal Robots.

Collaborative Robots Help Automate Blow Molding Lines
Collaborative robot arm automates bottle/jar packing at half the cost of conventional automation.

Wisconsin Plastics UR5 cobot

Cobot Helps Molder Keep Pace
Collaborative robot boosts process efficiency by 25%, while unburdening workers from the shop floor’s more tedious tasks.

Proco Machinery palletizer for blow molded bottles with collaborative robot

Blow Molding: ‘Collaborative’ Bottle Palletizer
Collaborative robot arm makes new bottle palletizer safe to operate without guarding.

MakerBot 3D printers at Voodoo Mfg

Large-Scale 3D Printing Venture Competes with Injection Molding
With 160 FDM printers, a Brooklyn startup offers part runs up to 10,000 units—and soon perhaps 100,000—at prices competitive with injection molding.

 vision capabilities for Universal Robots

Automation: Collaborative Robots Get Vision Capabilities
Vision adds adaptive pick-and-place and stacking abilities for Universal Robots.

Agri-Industrial Plastics Mick Stielow and Geoff Ward

High-Tech Blow Molding At Agri-Industrial Plastics
This family-owned custom molder stands out in its use of advanced computer and automation tools to claim a niche in large, complex, and multi-layer parts.

universal robots 7 axis cobot

AUTOMATION: Cobot Adds a 7th Axis
In what it calls a first iteration collaborative 7th axis, Universal Robots (UR) showcased one of its 6-axis robot arms mounted to a linear actuator in a faux machine-tending display at Plastec West.

HAS Dual Wing Servo robot

K 2016: Connectivity & Collaboration in Robotics & Automation
Besides a handful of new robots and pickers, the big themes were modular ‘plug-and-play’ automation, Industry 4.0 connectivity, easier programming, and safer collaboration with human workers.

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