Absolute Haitian Corp.

Absolute Haitian Corp.


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NPE2018: Robots & Automation Tackle Increasing Complexity

Exhibitors highlighted brute strength, complex automation cells, wireless networking, new controls features, and “collaborative” applications. Automated one-minute mold change was another attraction.

Haitian Sets Sales Record in 2020

Haitian International Holdings Limited posted a new sales record for the 2020 fiscal year, selling more than 43,000 machines and generating $1.8 billion in sales, up 20.3% from 2019.

Multi-Component Molding Options Added to Machine Line

Haitian’s Zhafir Multi multi-component molding machines or add-on injection units give molders more 2K options.

Third Generation of Hybrid and All-Electric Machines Come to North America

Absolute Haitian says the latest generation of the electric Zeres III and all-electric Venus III offers advances in hardware and software.

Absolute Haitian Corp.

33 Southgate Street
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  • Jenius Series
  • Jupiter III Series
  • Mars F fast-cycling
  • Mars III Series
  • Venus III Series
  • Zeres F fast cycling
  • Zeres III Series
  • Zeres Multi