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As Seen In Plastics Technology

Feeding: New Line Comes in Two Configurations

Feeding: New Line Comes in Two Configurations
New Weigh Belt Weighers/Feeders can weigh and/or totalize the flow of dry materials in a “wild-flow” configuration, or to meter dry solid materials in a controlled, “closed-loop” configuration as a weigh feeder.

Acrison Model 140 Series Feeders

Feeding/Blending: Dual Auger Powers New Feeder
Unlike other volumetric feeders where a single auger is typically located at the bottom of a trough, a new line features a double concentric auger.

Acrison Model 905-18 feeder f

Feeding/Blending: Volumetric Feeding of Strand-Type Materials
Volumetric feeder specially designed for handling strand-type materials, including fiberglass.

Acrison Dry Solid Feeder

Feeding/Blending: Feeder Accurately Doses Range of Dry Solids
Unit is billed as compact, advanced and durable.

Materials Handling: New Volumetric & Gravimetric Feeders
Acrison has a new dual-auger feeder and a very compact model for mounting multiple units on one hopper.

Low-profile Model 2420 PVC compound vacuum receiver

What to See at NPE 2006: Materials and Parts Handling
Dryers, feeders, blenders, loaders, metal detectors, level sensors, mechanical and pneumatic conveyors, silos, bins, pumps, filters, valves, box fillers, bag dumpers, and materials-handling control systems constitute one of the biggest categories of products on display at NPE.

Product Categories of Acrison, Inc.

Bag and Drum Dumpers
Blenders (non-intensive)
Conveying Equipment (pneumatic and Mechanical)
Hoppers, Bins, Tanks
Materials Testing Services
Metering, Proportioning Equipment
Water Treatment/Filtration Systems
Weigh Scales

Trade Names

MD-II 2000