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As Seen In Plastics Technology

Foster Adds Solvay's PEEK & PAEK to its Arsenal
Polyketone-based polymers play a major role in highly-engineered, reusable medical device applications.

Materials: Enhanced Halogen-Free Flame-Retardant Nylon 66 Family
Solvay’s new generation Technyl One is designed for smart meters and circuit breakers for digital cities.

Nylon 66: Pricing & Supply Issues Spur Processors to Consider Alternatives
While the nylon 66 tightness may not prove long-lasting, resin suppliers, compounders, and distributors have mobilized to offer processors an array of ‘replacement’ materials. 

Technyl 4earth post-industrial reclaimed nylon 66

Premium Recycled Nylon 66 Chosen for Molded Spray Lances of High-Pressure Cleaners
Solvay’s Technyl 4earth selected by global cleaning technology OEM to foster sustainability roadmap.

Materials: Extrusion PPS Series Launched for Automotive
Solvay’s new Ryton extrusion grades for flexible, lightweight coolant lines, brackets and connectors advance complex auto thermal management assembly systems.

global engineering plastics market

Global Engineering Plastics Market to Grow by Over Seven Percent
New study projects strong growth for PC, nylon, ABS, PET & PBT, acetal, and fluoropolymers.

Milliken DeltaMax impact modifier

Novel Polyolefin Additives for Automotive Offer Unprecedented Improvements
Three new game-changing additives boast dramatic improvements in UV and thermal stabilization and mechanical properties of PP for auto interior and exterior components—and more.

Ixef semi-aromatic nylon

New Engineering Materials for Challenging Automotive Applications
Nylons, PPA, and PPS for high heat and chemical resistance and/or high strength with light weight.

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