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As Seen In Plastics Technology

Americhem to Expand Medical Compounds Manufacturing Facility
A dedicated white room compounding space and design center are planned at Americhem’s Morrisville, Penn., facility. 

SABIC thermocomp

NPE2018: News in Materials & Additives
Here’s more news in engineering resins, TPEs, bioplastics, polyolefin film grades, PVC, and a range of additives from the Big Show not reported in all our other previous coverage.

Collaborative Mold Design Experiment Based on Clariant's Color Trends
Mold texture specialist and Clariant investigate interaction of social trends, color and textures. 

Americhem CEO Matthew Hellstern.

Americhem Focuses on Development of Compounds & Additives that Target Some Key Trends
Check out high-performance pre-colored PVC capstock compounds, an expanded antimicrobial product line, and thermoplastic alloys that eliminate secondary processes. 

Americhem 2018-2019 Color Trends

Americhem’s 2018-2019 Color Trends
Music sounds of the past and present characterize new palettes.

automotive instrument panel

How to Prevent Stress Whitening in PP Copolymers
A look at causes, detection, and prevention.

MATERIALS: Diverse Line of TPEs
Infinity LTL's new line of compounds available in a wide range of durometers.

visual color match

Five Effective Ways to Control Color
A 50-year veteran in color-concentrate production and use shares practices to help you make better color decisions and generate less scrap. To specify color correctly and communicate your specs to your color supplier requires understanding of the “Five U’s.”

Americhem, LPKF Team Up on Colorful Laser Plastic Welding Results
Technology allows weight, time and money savings while optimizing aesthetics.

A Discussion on the Value of Materials Testing
The top three reasons processors should consider materials testing.

Americhem Acquires Vi-Chem Corp.
Company becomes new entrant into flexible PVC and TPE compounding arenas.

ADDITIVES: Advanced Scratch & Mar Protection for Interior Auto PP Components
Americhem has a line of advanced scratch and mar resistance additives for PP interior automotive components.

Materials at NPE: New Solutions to Enhance Processing, Performance, Sustainability & Cost
There was no shortage of new thermoplastics and additives covering the full range of end-use applications.

MATERIALS AND ADDITIVES AT NPE: Spotlight on Performance, Economy, and Sustainability
Lots of news in engineering thermoplastic compounds, TPEs, and purging agents, plus a wide range of colorants and additives.

Americhem's Infinity Engineered Compounds Acquires LTL Color Compounders
Infinity LTL Engineered Compounds is the name of the newest Americhem group of companies.

Americhem Renames Recently Acquired Compounder
First foray into engineered compounding.

MATERIALS: Versatile Pre-Color Capstock Compounds for Building Products
The eCap capstock compounds come in a variety of material blends and can be combined with Americhem's nGrain simulated woodgrain.

Lots of News in Engineered Compounding
Three companies, two of them domestic masterbatch suppliers, and one a German compounder, recently made new moves in engineered compounds for the U.S. market.•Americhem expands: Color and additive concentrate producer Americhem Inc., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, has acquired Infinity Compounding, LLC of Swedesboro, N.J.

ADDITIVES: Highly Concentrated Black Masterbatches for Automotive
Americhem Inc., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, has launched a new line of highly concentrated, low-aniline, nigrosine black nylon masterbatches suited to automotive under-hood and other applications where retention of physical properties is important.

Additives at NPE: Many Routes To ‘Greener’ Plastics
Just as eco-friendliness was a major theme in materials news at the big show in April, so it was with additives.

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