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ASACLEAN - Sun Plastech, Inc.

Sun Plastech Inc. manufactures and distributes ASACLEAN™ Purging Compound, a respected name in over 60 countries around the world.

As Seen In Plastics Technology

Sun Plastech Has Rebranded to Asahi Kasei Asaclean Americas
  Company believes the new brand emphasizes the technical expertise and global product development focus for which Asahi Kasei is so well known.  

Fully-Operational Asaclean-Sun Plastech Provides Free Online & Phone Technical Support
Responding to coronavirus market challenges, Asaclean offers essential businesses and other plastics processors free technical & product support.

Sun Plastech Names Nagaraj V.P.
Will focus on delivering a ‘great customer experience’ to companies that purchase Asaclean purging compounds.

Free, On-Campus 'Asaclean University' Purging Know-How Program
Sun Plastech has launched a free purging educational program with an on-campus presentation at the University of Akron’s National Polymer Innovation Center.

Joseph T. Serell President Sun Plastech

Joseph Serell Named President of Sun Plastech
Serell replaces Glenn Kornfeld, who had been president since 2004, as the head of the maker of Asaclean purging compounds.  

Joseph Serell, v.p, of SunPlastech

Purging Compound R&D Ramps Up to Meet Specific Material & Processing Problems
The challenge for suppliers of purging compounds has shifted from educating processors about their benefits to researching new formulations to further increase those benefits. 

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Purging Compounds
Look for more versatile and improved efficiency purging compounds.

Ascend’s Vydyne XHT nylon 66

Resins & Additives at NPE2018: Spotlight on Performance, Economy, Sustainability
NPE will host lots of news in engineered thermoplastic compounds, customized TPEs, polyolefins for packaging, bioplastics, recycled content compounds, purging agents, 3D printing materials, and a slew of innovative additives.

Asaclean SunPlustech UF2 Grade

Next-Generation Purging Compound Boasts Fast Changeovers
Asaclean UF2 suitable for purging blown and cast film extrusion, as well as injection molding.

Asaclean EX CPC Grade purging compound

Follow These Tips to Power Up Your Purging Process
A properly executed purging process can save processors thousands a year in lost production while helping them increase output and avoid scrap. Here’s how to optimize your results.

Materials at NPE: New Solutions to Enhance Processing, Performance, Sustainability & Cost
There was no shortage of new thermoplastics and additives covering the full range of end-use applications.

Sun Plastech Acquires Novachem
Two major players in purging compounds consolidate.

Get the Most Bang For Your Purging Buck
More processors are turning to purging compounds to clean their machines and speed up changeovers. Here are tips on how to avoid typical trouble spots when using them.

MATERIALS AND ADDITIVES AT NPE: Spotlight on Performance, Economy, and Sustainability
Lots of news in engineering thermoplastic compounds, TPEs, and purging agents, plus a wide range of colorants and additives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Purging
This 'FAQ' sections answers common questions about how to choose and use purging agents.

How to Use Commercial Purging Compounds in Extrusion
CPCs are considered most often for injection molding. However, they also can provide the same benefits to extrusion processors.

These parts were hot-runner molded

Tips and Techniques: Break the Taboo On Purging Hot Runners!
It’s safe to say that the concept of using a commercial purging compound (CPC) has largely been embraced by the plastics processing community.

Correction on Purging
In our September issue, we incorrectly stated (p. 17) that Asaclean U high-performance purging agent is not suitable for polypropylene.

Hyperform HPN-20E

What to See at NPE 2006: Chemicals and Additives
Compounders, molders, and extruders will be treated to a wide range of new additives at NPE 2006.

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