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Magic color

Chemicals & Additives at NPE 2003
Compounders, molders, and extruders will find new answers to virtually all their additive needs at NPE 2003.

Wood-plastic and other natural-fiber composites

NPE News in Additives
Colorants were the most numerous class of additives making news at the huge triennial plastics exhibition last month in Chicago. Some of the new colorants were aimed at specialized applications, from natural-fiber composites to laser marking, while others were for aesthetic special effects, such as color shifts and diamond-like sparkle.

Process Aid Improves Flow in HDPE
WEB EXCLUSIVE A new internal mold release and processing aid is designed to improve HDPE flow at low loadings.

Ciba’s Irgaclear XT-386 clarifyingnucleating agent

New Additives and Colorants To Debut at K 2007
The world’s largest plastics show next month in Dusseldorf will highlight an unusual mix of new polymer additives, including some based on novel chemistries that reportedly set new levels of performance.

Hyperform HPN-20E

What to See at NPE 2006: Chemicals and Additives
Compounders, molders, and extruders will be treated to a wide range of new additives at NPE 2006.

Arosperse line of carbon blacks

Colorants and Additives Make a Splash at NPE 2003
Molders, extruders, and compounders found a host of new additives, including colorants, compatibilizers, impact modifiers, foaming agents, and processing aids.

NPE Newsfinder: Chemicals & Additives
Lots of new additive and color concentrates will be displayed at NPE 2000. There will also be new pigments, including some for laser marking. Several new processing aids and modifiers for thermoplastics and thermosets are slated to debut. Also look for new mold releases and a purging agent for optical disc resins. Interesting new fillers include a new electroconductive wollastonite and high-impact wollastonite grades for automotive applications.

Pultrusion Starred At SPI Composites Expo
This small but fast-growing processing sector scored most of the prizes for innovative parts, and also accounted for much of the news in equipment and materials.

Product Categories of Axel Plastics Research Laboratories

Antiblocking Agents
Mold-cleaning and Maintenance Chemicals
Processing Aids--Other Organic Types
Processing Aids--Polymeric Type
Release Agents--External (Spray or Wipe-on)
Release Agents--Internal (Additive Type)
Resin Clean-up Solutions
Slip Agents
Stripping Agents, Resin Removers
Surface Treatment Chemicals, Dispersion Aids (for Fillers, Pigments, Reinforcements)
Viscosity Depressants

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