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BASF's Sicopal Black Gets Expanded FDA Clearance for Recycling

BASF's Sicopal Black Gets Expanded FDA Clearance for Recycling
The FDA sanctioned carbon black alternative pigment from BASF’ Colors & Effects is one of the first recyclable black pigments for food contact applications.

Additives: Pigments for Compostable Plastics

Additives: Pigments for Compostable Plastics
BASF Colors & Effects’ pigments portfolio supports sustainable packaging for compostable plastics and printing inks. 

BASF and Security Matters Partner to Develop Plastics Traceability Technology
The proprietary technology from Security Matters seeks to improve the traceability and sorting of plastics in the value chain.

SABIC will encourage sustainability with bio-renewable and recycled feedstocks and designing lightweight packaging.

K 2019 Preview: Resins & Additives for Sustainability in Cars, Electronics & Packaging
Material suppliers are committed to the ‘Circular Economy,’ as evidenced by their adoption of new technologies, product introductions and collaborations.

Low-Volatility UV Absorber Shields PC-Based 5G Base Stations from UV Light
Tinuvin 360 shown to extend dervice life of 5G base stations and to ensure stable production leading to higher yields.

BASF to Globally Boost Production of Irganox1010
Major investment in expanding capacity of workhorse primary antioxidant planned by BASF.

Rick King, Katiah Anderton, Joanni Turner BASF Plastic Additives

Polyolefin Discoloration: New Additive Solutions Solve Common Problems
There’s a growing demand for PE films with lower initial color and improved color stability, as well as better retention of physical properties. New stabilizer systems address these and similar concerns for molded PE and PP parts.

Dow innate packaging resin

Conference Uncovers Innovations Across a Range of Processes, Markets
New materials and additives for injection and blow molding, extrusion, compounding, and thermoforming highlighted the SPE Polyolefins Conference.

Price Hikes on Plastic Additives Underway

Price Hikes on Plastic Additives Underway
Major players issue price increases closely coinciding with higher prices on all commodity resins.

SPE's Polyolefins Highlights: Materials & Additives

SPE's Polyolefins Highlights: Materials & Additives
New semi-crystalline SEBS, additives for improved discoloration resistance, plant-based antioxidants, online compounding of TPO blends and more discussed in Houston.

Solvay Technyl 4 Earth nylon 66

New Resins & Additives Galore at K 2016
A wide range of interesting developments in materials technologies were sprinkled in with some intriguing announcements of new ventures at K 2016.

BASF Plans Global Expansion in Additives
More light-stabilizer production slated in Alabama.

BASF to Expand North American Capacity of UV Stabilizers
Capital investment to boost production of Tinuvin product lines in step with polyolefin capacity expansions.

Automotive Color Predictions for 2020

Automotive Color Predictions for 2020
BASF’s Color Excellence Team comes up with head-turning colors by region.


K 2016 Preview: Materials & Additives
Driving the wide range of new developments in engineered plastics and additives are higher performance, safety, and sustainability.

Non-Ortho-Phthalates Gain Ground in Flexible PVC

Non-Ortho-Phthalates Gain Ground in Flexible PVC
Conversion to non-ortho-phthalate plasticizers expected to steadily continue.


Health, Eco Concerns Give Non-Phthalate Plasticizers a Push
New and improved formulations are displacing leading plasticizer DEHP; DINP’s future is also now shakier.

BASF Launches New Global Pigments Brand
The new Colors & Effects brand aligns BASF's global pigments expertise across five industries.

PolyOne Acquires Maker of Colorants for Fibers
Expanding its specialty colorants and additives portfolio, PolyOne now offers colorants for the fibers industry.

Lightweighting Technologies Highlight Automotive Composites Conference
Advances in hybrid longer-fiber thermoplastic composites, growth in additive manufacturing, and increasing adoption of renewable materials in automotive were among the topics discussed at the recent SPE event.

BASF to Spin Off Pigments Business
By the second half of 2016, BASF plans to have spun off its pigments business into a new entity.

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