BETA LaserMike (An NDC Technologies Brand)

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As Seen In Plastics Technology

LaserSpeed Pro

Pipe, Tube Measurement/Control Solutions for Industry 4.0
Non-contact length and speed gauge measures a product’s wall thickness and concentricity, offering high-speed tolerance checking and multi-layer measurements. 

Mergers in Extrusion, Thermoforming
Brown Machine, Lyle Industries team up. Also NDC and Beta LaserMike.

K 2013 Preview: Extrusion, Compounding, Recycling
Across all extrusion technologies, expect to see new standards in speed, quality, flexibility, and efficiency in both energy and material usage.

Extrusion & Compounding at NPE: More Output, More Flexibility, Less Energy
There won't be many blown-film lines running, but there is still much in the way of innovation going on in extrusion and compounding.

Gloucester’s novel WOW winder wraps

NPE News in Extrusion
This NPE show won’t have a lot of extruders on the floor, either running or static. Instead, look for videos and announcements of new technology. You will also find lots of ingenious peripheral devices to improve output and quality and save resin. Some will do all three, and cost less into the bargain.

Product Categories of BETA LaserMike (An NDC Technologies Brand)

Closed-loop Process Control Systems
Machine Monitoring/Alarm Systems
Molded Parts Thickness Measuring Equipment
Pipe Thickness Measuring Equipment
Profiles, Tubing, Wire Thickness Measuring Equipment
SPC, SQC Systems
Speed, Drive Controls

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