The Experts Speak: Seven Cost-Saving Purging Tips for Compounding Twins

Purging gurus from the material, machinery and compounding sides of the industry offer their insights on best practices and tips that can keep your compounding twin-screw extruder up and running.

The Buck Stops … at This One-Stop Compounder

By: Jim Callari - Plastics Technology

CRC Polymer Systems brings expertise in material selection, product formulation and processing, and a thorough understanding of part design and tooling under one roof with a series of customized materials and capabilities aimed at OEMs and molders.

How and Where Twin-Screw Extruders Fit in Recycling

When utilized in a thoughtful way, the corotating intermeshing twin-screw extruder can transform recycled materials into value-added products and parts. Here’s what you need to know, and some real-world examples of the technology deployed for both post-industrial and post-consumer recycling.
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Reactive Extrusion: Industry Icons Impart Their Insights

By: Jim Callari - Plastics Technology

Three distinguished experts in the area of reactive extrusion shed some light on this process.

Why It's Crucial to Manage Melt-Temperature in a Twin-Screw Compounding Extruder

Managing and controlling melt temperature and degradation in a corotating compounding twin is critical to achieve process optimization. For compounders, it also greatly influences the ability of their molding and extrusion customers to make high-quality parts. Here are the results of research that illustrate this.

Compounding: Revamped Line of Compounding Twins

By: Jim Callari - Plastics Technology

Third-generation iMAXX twins are easier to clean and maintain, and are more energy efficient to boot.

Who’s Doing Research to Advance the Plastics Industry?

By: Matthew Naitove - Plastics Technology

Machinery suppliers are taking the lead in plastics R&D. Engel offers one example.

Leistritz Adds 3D Filament Line to Lab

By: Staff Report - Plastics Technology

System helps customers develop and produce 3D filaments from a co-rotating or counter-rotating twin screw extruder.

Leistritz Pushes ‘Technology Envelope’ In NPE2018 Display

By: Jim Callari - Plastics Technology

Compounding machinery supplier does not limit its display just to its core business, showcasing solutions for emerging and even embryonic technologies as well.

‘Follow the Plan’ When Installing and Commissioning Compounding Lines

A fully operational and documented system doesn’t happen by chance. An efficient, well-designed installation plan, prepared well in advance, will put you on the path to maintaining a timeline and budget.