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Get Total Process Protection with Bunting Separation Equipment Bunting Magnetics Co. is the leader in Separation Equipment for the plastics processors and recyclers.

Get Total Process Protection With Bunting Separation Equipment

Multi-Task Conveying Catch metal contaminants in conveyed material before they damage your grinder or feeder or ruin output.

Get Total Process Protection With Bunting Separation Equipment

Total Protection New Low-Profile Metal Detectors from Bunting Magnetics Co. provide efficient rejection of metal contaminants where headroom is limited.

Get Total Process Protection With Bunting Separation Equipment

Powerful Protection Bunting’s new FF Series NEO Drawer Magnets capture ferrous contaminants with the most powerful magnets you can get in separation equipment – and the only temperature-compensated Rare Earth magnets for high-heat use on injection molders.

As Seen In Plastics Technology

Bunting Hires Clausing as Lean Manufacturing Coordinator

Bunting Hires Clausing as Lean Manufacturing Coordinator
Will focus on utilizing a lean manufacturing mindset in order to reduce and eliminate waste.

K 2019 Preview: Auxiliaries Showcase Connectivity & Efficiency
At press time, a handful of auxiliary suppliers shared some of their K 2019 plans, highlighting connectivity and efficiency in their planned displays.

Bunting Magnetics

Bunting Rebrands Divisions
As the company celebrates its 60th anniversary, it rolls out a new unifying brand for its five businesses.

Bunting Magnetics FF 350

Bunting’s Largest Ever NPE Presence Includes Technology for High-Temp Applications
FF 350 Hi Temp Drawer Magnet targets metal separation in high-temperature plastics processing operations.

Conair Carousel dessicant-wheel dryer

Auxiliaries at NPE2018: Packing More Functions in Less Space
Auxiliary equipment suppliers are building more and more technology into their products, packing more physical and virtual functions into the same or smaller footprints.

Bunting Magnetics Hi Temp F Drawer

Drawer Magnet Can Take the Heat
Bunting Magnetic's FF 350 Hi Temp Drawer Magnet is rated to 350 F.

Bunting Magnetics Names New General Manager of Magnet Materials Division
Effective March 1, Robert Bunting will serve as General Manager of the Magnet Materials Division located in Elk Grove Village, Ill.

SPI: Time To Refocus Plastics Recycling Efforts

SPI: Time To Refocus Plastics Recycling Efforts
Only about 9% of plastic waste was recycled from the municipal solid waste stream in 2012, according to the latest figures available from the U.S.

AUXILIARIES AT NPE: More Control, Flexibility, And Efficiency
These are key trends in the many kinds of auxiliary equipment displayed at this month’s show. You’ll also see equipment designed to be virtually ‘foolproof.’

Auxiliaries at NPE: New Solutions from Material Preparation To Post-Mold Operations
There will be an extraordinary range of new auxiliary equipment on display at the show.

K 2010 Preview, Auxiliaries: Equipment of All Types Debuts This Month at K 2010
From materials drying, feeding, and blending to process heating/cooling, scrap reclaiming, testing, welding, and decorating—the K 2010 show this month in Dusseldorf, Germany, will have news in all categories of auxiliary equipment.

Metronet light bus conveying controller

Materials Handling: New Equipment Emphasizes Efficiency & Value
Visitors to the recent NPE 2009 show in Chicago were looking for materials handling equipment that could do more than dry, blend, or convey resins. It had to do those things while saving energy, providing faster and easier maintenance, speeding product changeovers, reducing labor cost, minimizing waste, and providing better value for money. The new products cited below addressed those needs and more.

NPE 2009 News Flash

NPE 2009 News Flash
Injection MoldingHybrid Press Has Electric ClampNew injection presses that combine servo-electric and hydraulic movements to achieve high performance with energy efficiency will be discussed by Arburg Inc., Newington, Conn.

Dry cleaning unit

NPE 2006 News Wrap-Up: Recycling and Scrap Reclaim
NPE was full of new equipment and systems for recapturing valuable in-plant scrap and post-consumer/post-industrial plastic waste. Recovery of PET packaging and film or fiber waste were particular areas of emphasis, as were lots of new granulators, from the world’s biggest to micro-size and even ‘clean-room’ models.

Low-profile Model 2420 PVC compound vacuum receiver

What to See at NPE 2006: Materials and Parts Handling
Dryers, feeders, blenders, loaders, metal detectors, level sensors, mechanical and pneumatic conveyors, silos, bins, pumps, filters, valves, box fillers, bag dumpers, and materials-handling control systems constitute one of the biggest categories of products on display at NPE.

What to See at NPE 2006: Recycling and Scrap Reclaim
Recycling and reclamation are once again hot technologies—this time because of high resin prices.

Economical Bunting "Move-It" Conveyors save Time, Expense
Move-It Systems™ conveyors are built to order but priced like stock.

Bunting Intros New Machine-Mounted All-Metal Separator
Bunting Magnetics Co. has introduced a new Machine-Mounted Separator (MMS), which is an electronic metal detector designed for the plastics industry.

New Grinder/Shredder Feed Conveyors Offer Tramp Metal Protection
Bunting’s new integrated Grinder Feeder Conveyers catch metal contaminants in conveyed material before they damage equipment or ruin product.

Bunting Intros NEO Advance in Equipment and Product Protection
Bunting Magnetics Co. has announced a new breakthrough in magnetic metal separation for injection molders.

NPE Newsfinder: Materials & Parts Handling
From pneumatic systems that deliver materials to the processing machine to conveyors and handling devices that pull parts out the back, the trend appears to be “smaller and smarter.” NPE 2000 will show lots of downsized auxiliaries designed for mini processing machines, as well as more compact equipment of every size that frees up floor space.

Product Categories of Bunting - Newton

Automation/Systems Integration
Clamps, Holding Devices
Conveying Equipment (pneumatic and Mechanical)
Conveyors (parts-handling)
Metal Detectors, Separators
Particle Screeners, Classifiers, Separators
Scrap-reclaim Systems
Scrap-reclaim Systems--Sorting/Fractionating Systems