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CPM Extrusion Group - Providing the Best Overall Value to Our Customers Worldwide

~~CPM Extrusion Group is a group of extrusion companies identified with one vision: Providing the Best Overall Value to Our Customers Worldwide.

Representing our RingExtruder RE XPV

RingExtruder RE for shear-sensitive continuous compounding of rubber, degassing of post-consumer PET-bottles in PET bottle to bottle Recycling and the challenging mixing of adhesives. --> Highest mixing and degassing capability --> Now with enhanced barrel cooling system - Built by CPM Extrusion Group - experienced with more than 4100 extruders worldwide.  

Representing our CXE 45 sHO

--> High Output and Unmatched productivity --> smart Performance and monitoring technology --> built by CPM Extrusion Group, experienced with 4100 extruders worldwide  

Representing our CXE 45 sHO

--> High Output and Unmatched productivity --> smart Performance and monitoring technology --> built by CPM Extrusion Group, experienced with 4100 extruders worldwide  

As Seen In Plastics Technology

Milacron Cincinnati 2250-tons

NPE Wrap-Up: News in Primary Machinery, Part 1
Rounding up details from the Big Show not previously reported in all our other coverage, here’s more news in injection and blow molding, extrusion and compounding. Next month, we’ll conclude with recycling/scrap reclaim, robots, tooling, auxiliary equipment, materials and additives.

Century Owner Buys Extricom
Combined company to offer wide array of compounding equipment, including novel Ring Extruder.

Solve Venting Problems on Twin-Screw Compounding Extruders
Compounds must be free of voids and volatiles or else the material will cause subsequent processing problems. Here’s how to ensure your venting is effective.

EXTRUSION AND COMPOUNDING NPE: Flexibility, Speed and Quality
Extrusion processors need more—of everything—to compete. And suppliers responded in force in Orlando.

As in speed, power, quality, flexibility, layers, and efficiency. Those are the trends across all extrusion processes.

Ceramic pelletizer die and die plate

Compounding & Mixing at NPE 2003
Torque levels and output capacities of corotating twin-screw compounders coming to NPE are higher than ever.

Abrasive wear of conveying screw elements

In Twin-Screw Compounding, Distinguish Between ‘Disease’ and ‘Illness’
 The concept of troubleshooting in compounding can be defined in terms of a problem (or problems) with compound quality or as a problem with the compounding process.

High-speed extruder with a modified conventional AC motor

NPE 2009 Wrap-Up: New Machinery for Extrusion and Compounding
Extrusion machinery at the June NPE show in Chicago showed inventive ways to get more out of your floorspace and materials.

Steer’s H Class corotating twin-screw

NPE News in Compounding
Compounding news at the show includes several new ways to feed low-bulk-density materials faster for higher outputs with corotating twin screws.

New Sizes of Sino-U.S. Twin-Screw Compounders

New Sizes of Sino-U.S. Twin-Screw Compounders
Earlier this year, Century Extrusion, Traverse City, Mich., launched its Apex corotating twin-screw extruder line in sizes with center distances of 40 to 95 mm.

Twin-Screw Extruder Has U.S. and Chinese Parents
Century Extrusion, Traverse City, Mich., and sister company Ruiya Extrusion in China have cooperated on building the new Apex line of corotating twin-screwextruders.

Notches across the main or barrier flight

NPE 2006 News Wrap-Up: Compounding
Much of the compounding news at the NPE Show in Chicago in June ad-dressed the growing trend among extrusion processors to become compounders.

Century Extrusion Is Sold to CPM
Century Inc., Traverse City, Mich., has sold its twin-screw extrusion business to CPM Holding in Waterloo, Iowa, which also owns California Pellet Mill.

Extreme-Duty Gears
Century Extrusion, Traverse City, Mich. (recently acquired by CPM Holding, Waterloo, Iowa), is introducing a new series of gear boxes with 20% higher torque and 250 bar of operating pressure.

High-speed, high-torque line

Torque & Speed How Much Is Enough?
You may be thinking of buying one of the new ‘high-torque/high-speed’ twin-screw compounders in order to raise your output without going to a larger machine. But how much torque or speed do you really need? Underusing a high-powered extruder wastes investment dollars. So look carefully at what is required for the materials you run.

Compounding & Mixing
For the second straight NPE show, the focus in compounding is on twin-screw machines that deliver more speed and torque—thus more output—than ever before. No fewer than six suppliers of twin-screw compounders are showing such machines. There’s something to see in in-line systems as well. And there’s plenty of news in PVC mixers and pelletizing equipment, too.

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