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As Seen In Plastics Technology

Mixing: Triple Shaft Mixer with Powder Induction Manifold
Dual-post triple-shaft design has been revolutionized with this feature to streamline the processing of substantial powder phases.   

Mixing: Skid-Mounted Mixing and Pumping Station
ROSS has recently designed a skid system capable of mixing and pumping low to moderately viscous products.

Mixing: Planetary Mixing & Discharging in a Sanitary Turnkey System
Common stainless steel workbench holds both the mixer and a matching discharge system.  

Mixing: High-Shear Mixer
Said to generate a level of shear usually reserved for high-pressure homogenizers.

Mixing: Inline Rotor/Stator Homogenizers Can Be Moved About
Saves time, money by eliminating the need for multiple mixers separately dedicated to each vessel or product

Mixing: Triple-Shaft Mixer with Powder Induction Manifold
Dual-post triple-shaft design has been upgraded with new feature to streamline the processing of substantial powder phases.  

Mixing: Enhancements Made to Multi-Shaft Mixer
Lifting system now operates at lower cost, requires less maintenance, and provides faster lifting speed when raising and lowering the agitators.  

Mixing: Skid-Mounted Powder Induction & Mixing System
Rotor/stator generates a powerful vacuum without external pumps.

Mixing: Triple-Shaft Mixer Can Pivot
 Machine can be raised from a vessel, rotate 90˚ and lowered into another vessel.

High-Shear Mixer for High-Viscosity materials

Mixing: High-Shear Mixers for Viscous Applications
Hybrid mixer has stirrer, disperse blades.

Multi-Shaft Mixer

Mixing: Multi-Shaft Mixer for Hot Melts, Viscous Dispersions
Suitable for high heat operation up to 600 F, it includes an insulated 50-psig stainless-steel dimpled jacket covering the side and bottom of the dished bottom mixing can

Ross Mixer for Temperature-Critical Applications

Mixing: Mixer/Reactor for Temperature-Critical Applications
Suited for temperature-critical formulations of medium to high viscosity under stringent vacuum/pressure constraints.

High hp Controller

Controls: High Horsepower Controls For Hazardous Locations
NEMA 12 main power panel, housing high-voltage VFDs and motor protection fusing is installed in a non-classified area and wired to a NEMA 7/9 operator station.

Ross Customized Triple-Shaft Mixer

Mixing: Multi-Shaft Mixer Can Be Customized
Elaborate automation and safety functions added to triple-shaft mixer.

Ross Mixer Can Also Extrude Strands

Extrusion: Versatile Mixer Can Also Extrude Strands
Turnkey system is mounted on a common bench and supplied with two vessels: one for mixing and one for extrusion.

Ross Names Drames Regional Sales Manager
Has nine years of experience in technical sales and business development.

Ross Laboratory Paddle Blender

Mixing: Paddle Blender For Labs
Offers advanced features for more convenient, automated powder blending and liquid spraying operations.

Ross High-Speed Mixer

Mixing: High-Speed Mixer Provides Dispersion, Planetary Stirring
Imparts high shear to tough-to-mix applications with low flowability.

Ross Mixing Vessel

Compounding: Multi-Shaft Mixer in New Size
Aimed at processing medium to high-viscosity materials.

Ross Planetary Mixer

Planetary Mixer Testing at No Charge
New 4-gal Planetary Dual Disperser has two high-viscosity blades and two high-speed dispersers.

Ross Custom-Designed Mixing Vessels

Compounding: Custom-Designed Process Vessels
Agitator shaft utilizes a mechanical seal running in an oil bath. 

Product Categories of ROSS Mixers

Automation/Systems Integration
Blenders (non-intensive)
Closed-loop Process Control Systems
Custom Machine Builders
Dryers for Resins
Hoppers, Bins, Tanks
Injection Molding Nozzles
Intensive Nonfluxing Mixers
Liquid Mixers
Machine Monitoring/Alarm Systems
Motionless Mixers
Roll Mills
Semi-bulk Containers
Sequence Logic Controls
Single-screw Extruders
Speed, Drive Controls
Used Machinery