Charles Ross & Son Company

710 Old Willets Path
PO Box 12308
Hauppauge, NY 11788-0615 US


As Seen In Plastics Technology

Ross Names Drames Regional Sales Manager
Has nine years of experience in technical sales and business development.

Ross Laboratory Paddle Blender

Mixing: Paddle Blender For Labs
Offers advanced features for more convenient, automated powder blending and liquid spraying operations.

Ross High-Speed Mixer

Mixing: High-Speed Mixer Provides Dispersion, Planetary Stirring
Imparts high shear to tough-to-mix applications with low flowability.

Ross Mixing Vessel

Compounding: Multi-Shaft Mixer in New Size
Aimed at processing medium to high-viscosity materials.

Ross Planetary Mixer

Planetary Mixer Testing at No Charge
New 4-gal Planetary Dual Disperser has two high-viscosity blades and two high-speed dispersers.

Ross Custom-Designed Mixing Vessels

Compounding: Custom-Designed Process Vessels
Agitator shaft utilizes a mechanical seal running in an oil bath. 

Christine Banaszek, Charles Ross & Son Company

Banaszek Named Sales Manager at Charles Ross & Son
Hired in 2005, Banaszek takes over sales for maker of industrial mixing equipment.

High-Volume Agitator for Viscous Applications

Compounding: Heavy-Duty, High-Capacity, Multi-Agitator Mixing Systems
Designed for large-scale batch production of viscous materials.

Compounding: Multi-Agitator System for Viscous Mixing, Dispersion
Offers accurate and consistent batch-to-batch mixing in capacities from 1-4000 gal.

Ross planetary dispersion mixer

Mixing: Planetary Dispersers with PLC Recipe Controls
Said to deliver superior batch-to-batch consistency in the mixing of high-solids, high-viscosity applications.

Wireless control panel from Ross.

Controls: Panels Now Offered With Wireless Connection
Users can access mixing system using tablets, smartphones and other such devices.


Mixing/Blending: Easy-to-Clean Ribbon Blender
Ideal for blending additives into virgin plastic, mixing different types of plastics in powder, bead or pellet form, batching polymer additives, etc.

Built in accordance with AMSE codes.

MIXING: System for Wide Material Range
Multi-functional system available with capacities to 4000 gal.

MIXING/BLENDING: Ribbon Blenders For Precision Applications
Used for rapid blending of dry powders, granules, pellets and other solid forms

COMPOUNDING: Enhanced Ultra-High Shear Mixer
Reportedly offers more vigorous mixing, greater size reduction and higher throughput compared to conventional rotor/stators and colloid mills.

COMPOUNDING: Ribbon Blenders Offer New Features
Charles Ross & Son Co., Hauppauge, N.Y., has introduced several new features on its ribbon blenders.

COMPOUNDING: Laboratory Ribbon/Paddle Blender
New Ribbon Blender Model 42NSD-1S from Charles Ross & Son Co., Hauppauge, N.Y., is a multi-purpose unit equipped with interchangeable double ribbon and paddle agitators.

Ribbon Blender

Redesigned Ribbon Blender
A new line of ribbon blenders from Charles Ross & Son, Hauppauge, N.Y., has an AC motor drive and gear box, replacing a belt or chain drive.

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