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Collaborative Mold Design Experiment Based on Clariant's Color Trends
Mold texture specialist and Clariant investigate interaction of social trends, color and textures. 

E-commerce packaging is driving the need for extra protection

Packaging: Protection and Sustainability in a Single Pack
E-commerce explosion and the growing preference for fresh products are raising the bar of packaging protection capabilities, while keeping the track on sustainability.

Clariant Now Offers Custom-Colored Engineering Resins In Smaller Quantities
Company aims to fill the gap as resin companies rationalize product lines.

Clariant Opens Rotomolding Lab
A full-scale rotomolding machine will help with application-specific color matching.

K 2013 Preview: Materials & Additives
The K 2013 show will present a broad range of engineered plastics materials, including thermoplastic composites, as well as additives. Automotive and electronic applications will be the main targets, as well as medical, packaging, lighting, and construction.

ADDITIVES: Liquid Colors for Trouble-Free Blow Molding
New liquid vehicle technology from Clariant Masterbatches, Holden, Mass., is designed to eliminate problems that have prevented wider use of liquid color in extrusion blow molding of polyolefins.

Glass-Like Colored COC for Pharma Packaging, Medical Devices
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A collaboration between Clariant Masterbatches, Holden, Mass., and Topas Advanced Polymers, Florence, Ky., is bringing bright, clear colors to pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices made of TOPAS cyclic olefin copolymer (COC). Clariant’s new precolored compounds and color concentrates are part of the Mevopur family of products developed for companies whose applications require risk control, product consistency, and regulatory compliance. “Topas COC has become the material of choice for pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices,” says Barbara Canale, healthcare market-development manager for Topas Advanced Polymers. “It offers high shine even in thick sections and, unlike resins such as polycarbonate and polyester, has a non-reactive surface.

Liquid Colors for HDPE Eliminate Screw Slippage

Liquid Colors for HDPE Eliminate Screw Slippage
Liquid colorants now can be used in HDPE blow molding without the usual problems of screw slippage.

PEEK Color Masterbatches and Precolored Resins
WEB EXCLUSIVE More than a dozen standard colors are now available in Renol masterbatches for PEEK resins from Clariant Masterbatches, Holden, Mass.

Colorants for Medical Plastics

Colorants for Medical Plastics
An expanded family of color masterbatches for medical devices or pharmaceutical and medical packaging uses pigments and resins that have been tested and certified compliant with USP Class VI standards.

Clariant Creates Liquid Colors Unit
Clariant Masterbatches Div., Holden, Mass, has created the Rite Systems Business Unit to produce liquid colorants at three U.S. plants it acquired from Rite Systems, Inc. last year. (800) 782-7333 •

Universal Masterbatches For Overnight Delivery

Universal Masterbatches For Overnight Delivery
Clariant Masterbatches, Holden, Mass., now stocks over 80 of its most popular heavy-metal-free universal color concentrates for fast delivery in quantities as small as 25 lb.

‘Fade’ Effect Colors for Personal-Care Packaging

‘Fade’ Effect Colors for Personal-Care Packaging
New special color effects for personalcare bottles use multilayer coextrusion to provide a seamless transition from one color to another along the length of the container.

Special-Effect Masterbatches

Special-Effect Masterbatches
A recent North American sales and marketing agreement between Clariant Masterbatches, Holden, Mass., and Milliken Chemical, Spartanburg, S.C., provides new special-effect masterbatches for clarified PP.

Colorants for Medical-Grade Polyolefins
WEB EXCLUSIVE A new family of color masterbatches is formulated for use with medical-grade PE and PP resins sold under the Purell brand name by LyondellBasell, Wilmington, Del.

Clariant Acquires Liquid-Color Producer
Swiss-based Clariant has acquired the combined companies of Rite Systems, Inc. and Ricon Colors, Inc.

PLA resin blends

Enhancing Biopolymers: Additives Are Needed for Toughness, Heat Resistance & Processability
Plastics are going “green,” but they will need some help to get there. Biodegradable polymers derived from renewable resources are attracting lots of interest and publicity, but that enthusiasm is counterbalanced by persistent questions of availability, cost, performance, and processability. All these issues are inter-related: Increasing demand will lead to more capacity, which will presumably lead to lower prices. But the foundation is market demand, which ultimately depends on whether biopolymers will have the performance properties and processability to compete with existing non-renewable plastics.

Class-VI Compliant Colors For PEBA and Nylon 12
New color concentrates are designed specifically for PEBA (polyether block amide) TPEs and nylon 12 resins used in medical applications.

USP Class-VI Compliant Color Concentrates for PEBA, Nylon 12
WEB EXCLUSIVE New color concentrates are designed specifically for PEBA (polyether block amide) and nylon 12 resins used in medical applications.

Impact modifiers and processing aids for PLA

Additives and Colorants Score Dramatic Advances
Among the host of new additives at K 2007 were a number of unusual entries: additives to add scratch resistance or reduce odor, leaps ahead in PP clarifying, specialized antioxidant protection for nanocomposites, a growth enhancer for greenhouse films, and a naturally free-flowing TiO2. In addition, “Green” was the theme of exhibits that highlighted “all-natural” additives for biopolymers, and colors to enliven recycled resins.

Product Categories of Clariant Masterbatches

Color Concentrates, Liquid or Paste
Color Concentrates, Solid
Custom Compounding, Formulating--Thermoplastics