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As Seen In Plastics Technology

Illig inline thermoforming machine for packaging

Five Big Advances to Track in Thin-Gauge Thermoforming
High speeds, automation, smarter process control, integrated vision systems, and better decoration techniques are becoming more common among practitioners of the ‘black art’ of thermoforming. Are they for you?

Moldex 3D simulation by RJG Inc.

RJG Introduces Low-Cost Part Design Analysis
New service provides quick and affordable analysis early in the design phase.

BLOW MOLDING AT NPE: Energy Savings, Lightweighting & Flexibility
New machines are mostly all-electric, hybrid, or servo-hydraulic.

MGS Mfg. Group evaluated injection molding simulation software

Benchmarking Simulation Software: How One Molder Did It
Injection mold simulation has become a standard tool for molders and mold designers.

Find the ‘Sweet Spot’ in Your Molding Process
It takes just six steps with new software.

Optimize Plug Shape for Thermoforming
Software will adjust the shape to provide more uniform material thickness in the formed part

What’s New in Mold Simulation
Seamless integration with CAD and FEA structural analysis is a common theme among the major software products.

Extruder and PLA regrind receiver

On-Site: Green Business Is Good Business for Fabri-Kal
"We tend to jump on things early," says John Kittredge. "F-K has been a pioneer in a number of things. Our earliest example was converting HDPE margarine tubs to ABS. After that we were a leader in thermoforming polypropylene, and then APET." Now it's PLA biopolymer.

Thick, fluffy die buildup

Stop Die Buildup
Die buildup, also called die drool, die bleed, or plate-out, can plague any extrusion process.

Injection Molding Plastification Module

What to See at NPE 2006: CAD/CAM and CAE
The newest generation of 3D simulation software takes aim at screw designs as well as hot-runner, mold, and part design.

Oval bottle

Simulation Spots Trouble Before It Starts
Blow molding has been one of the slowest processing sectors to adopt simulation software as a design and troubleshooting tool.

Twin-sheet pallet from Novo Foam Products

Thermoforming Innovations Displayed At SPE Annual Conference
A twin-sheet thermoformed pallet uses PP foam as a plug assist that becomes the lightweight structural core.


Blow Molding Simulation: Ready for Prime Time?
Efforts have been made to simulate the extrusion blow molding process for at least a decade, but actual use has been slow to take hold.

NPE 2000 News Wrap-Up: CAD & CAE
NPE 2000 offered a brand-new option for processors and mold designers: the ability to “rent” flow analysis on a pay-per-use basis over the Internet.

Virtual Thermoforming--Ready for Prime Time?
Process simulation for thermoforming is still new and far from perfected. Yet a small but growing band of processors are discarding trial-and-error methods in favor of simulation as a shortcut to optimizing quality.

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