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As Seen In Plastics Technology

PLASTICS Awards Danimer Scientific and WinCup as the 2020 Innovation in Bioplastics Winners
Danimer Scientific and WinCup, who developed first-of-its-kind backyard compostable and marine biodegradable straw, honored by PLASTICS. 

Danimer Scientific Gets DOE Grant to Expand PHA Bioplastic Commercialization
Of the eight biomanufacturing companies selected by the U.S. Department of Energy to recieve a total of $5.7 million, Danimer Scientific is the sole recipient focuses on biodegradable plastics.

First PHA-Based Home Compostable Bags Commercially Underway Through New Partnership
Using film resins made with Danimer Scientific’s Nodax PHA biopolymer, Columbia Packaging will manufacture home compostable bags and roll-stock.

Danimer Scientific and UrthPact Have Partnered in the Manufacture of Fully Biodegradable Straws
UrthPact expands line of compostable single-use straws with marine degradable options using Danimer’s Nodax PHA.

Collaboration on PHA-Based Water Bottles Underway
Danimer Scientific and Nestle in global partnership to develop biodegradable water bottles.

NodaxÔ PHA

Danimer Announced Plans for Fermentation Plant to Produce its Proprietary PHA Bioplastic
A major milestone for Danimer Scientific as this facility aims to start operations in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Danimer PHA

Study Deems PHA as Biodegradable Alternative to Single-Use Plastics Like Straws
Applications for polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) can include additives, aqueous coatings, fibers, filaments, films, hot-melt adhesives and injection-molded articles.

Ingeo PLA multi-layer beverage capsule

Sustainable Packaging Conference Highlights New Materials, Applications
Among them: a compostable PLA sheet for beverage capsules.

New Materials, Applications Among Highlights of SPC Bioplastics Converge Conference
Highlights of the D.C. held event included two dynamic panel discussions.

PLA resin blends

Enhancing Biopolymers: Additives Are Needed for Toughness, Heat Resistance & Processability
Plastics are going “green,” but they will need some help to get there. Biodegradable polymers derived from renewable resources are attracting lots of interest and publicity, but that enthusiasm is counterbalanced by persistent questions of availability, cost, performance, and processability. All these issues are inter-related: Increasing demand will lead to more capacity, which will presumably lead to lower prices. But the foundation is market demand, which ultimately depends on whether biopolymers will have the performance properties and processability to compete with existing non-renewable plastics.

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