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As Seen In Plastics Technology

High-Tech Implant for Leg-Lengthening Treatment by PEEK
Evonik has invested in a start-up company that has developed a high-tech leg-lengthening implant that uses Vestakeep PEEK.

Engineering Thermoplastics Are Going ‘Green’
As high-performance materials follow the path taken by some commodity resins, farming could replace drilling as suppliers rely more on plants than oil or gas for feedstocks.

Acrylic Sheet Featured In Unique Reactive Art Installation
Evonik's Acrylite Sheet 'Rocks' In New Media Installation

Materials News at K 2013
There was no shortage of interesting materials developments at K 2013, in particular high-performance engineering thermoplastics and thermoplastic composites—much of them geared to automotive/transportation.

MATERIALS: Extra-High-Temperature PEEK in Development
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Evonik Industries (U.S. office in Parsippany, N.J.) is developing a new engineering polymer that surpasses the performance of existing PEEK materials in high temperatures and extreme environments.

Evonik Resumes Full Production of Nylon 12
Germany’s Evonik Industries (in the U.S., Evonik Degussa Corp., Parsippany, N.J.) has resumed full operation of its reconstructed CDT (cyclododecatriene) feedstock plant at the Marl site, less than a year after it was destroyed by fire and explosion.

Evonik Resumes Full Production of Nylon 12
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Germany’s Evonik Industries (in the U.S., Evonik Degussa Corp., Parsippany, N.J.) has resumed full operation of its reconstructed CDT (cyclododecatriene) feedstock plant at the Marl site, less than a year after it was destroyed by fire and explosion.

PPA Moves into Gearshift Levers
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Vestamid HT plus polyphthalamide (PPA) from Evonik Industries High Performance Polymers in Germany (in the U.S., Evonik Degussa Corp., Parsippany, N.J.), is being used in gearshift lever parts for a major European auto company.

MATERIALS: Raising the Bar on PEEK's Toughness
WEB EXCLUSIVE: New Vestakeep Ultimate grade of PEEK from Evonik Industries in Germany (U.S. office in Parsippany, N.J.) boasts 25% higher impact strength than other PEEK resins.

Four Key Markets Drive Material Advances At K 2010
Last fall’s K 2010 fair in Germany drew dozens of materials suppliers to show off hundreds of new products, aimed especially at packaging,medical, automotive, and electrical/electronics.

More High-Temperature, Biobased Nylons
WEB EXCLUSIVE: In this month’s Starting Up section, we report on a new nylon 410, based on castor oil, from DSM of the Netherlands and Evansville, Ind.

Prices Up This Month for Thermoplastics, Thermosets
WEB EXCLUSIVE: May will see a number of price hikes in nylons, styrenic block copolymers, and thermoset (unsaturated) polyesters:BASF hiked nylon 6 by 5¢/lb on May 3, while DSM raised nylon 6 extrusion and compounding grades 10¢ on May 1.

New Renewably Based Nylon
Two suppliers have come out with a new type of flexible, translucent, semicrystalline nylon based 100% on renewable sebacic acid from castor oil.

The newest version (5.1) of CAMPUS

A Quiet Revolution In Materials Characterization
In December, about a dozen representatives of European chemical companies gathered in Aachen, Germany, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of a quiet revolution in plastics.

New PPA Grade Replaces Metal

New PPA Grade Replaces Metal
Evonik Degussa Corp., High Performance Polymers, Parsippany, N.J., has introduced Vestamid HTplus, a polyphthalamide (PPA) resin for metal replacement in molded fuel systems and pump and filter-system housings.

Bullet-stopping armor

Composites: Higher Properties, Lower Cost
Part II of our review of the big JEC international composites show in Paris focuses on resins and reinforcements. (Part I, last month, covered process enhancements, thermoplastic composites, machinery, and tooling. See Learn More box.)

Overmolding adhesion of TPEs is undergoing constant improvement

TPEs Move Up the Performance Scale
This first of two articles on directions in TPE development focuses on styrenic, copolyester, polyamide, and TP urethane elastomers. The following article covers olefinics—TPOs, TPVs, and POEs.

Degussa Is Now Evonik Degussa
Since September, the former Degussa AG of Germany has become Evonik Degussa, the Chemicals Business Area of the new Evonik Industries group in Germany.

There are now three suppliers of PEEK resins

Extreme Plastics New Contenders Push Limits Of Heat and Chemical Resistance
The top of the thermoplastic performance pyramid is growing more crowded and more finely differentiated due to heightened demand for lighter, tougher alternatives to metals, ceramics, and thermosets.

PrimoSpire self-reinforcing polyphenylene

New 'Ultra' Thermoplastics Contend for Top of Performance Pyramid
The industry’s broadest line of highly heat- and chemical-resistant thermoplastics is being fortified with several new amorphous and crystalline materials in the so-called “ultra-performance” category.

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