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As Seen In Plastics Technology

Hoover’s Huge Former Molding Plant Is on the Block
With 150 presses, it's said to be 'the largest injection molding plant West of the Mississippi.'

Former Hoover vacuum injection molding plant on the block

Former Hoover vacuum injection molding plant on the block
Why did the “Largest Injection Molding Manufacturing Plant West of the Mississippi” wind up on the auction block?

INJECTION MOLDING: Automation and Integration At K Show

INJECTION MOLDING: Automation and Integration At K Show
There were new presses of all stripes aplenty at K 2010, but the “wow” factor was supplied by automated work cells and integrated manu-facturing systems performing multiple operations before, during, and after molding.

Arburg's new models

New Presses at Fakuma Show Focus on Energy & Performance
Beltless direct-drive electric machines and upgraded electric/hydraulic hybrids were introduced at the 20th Fakuma trade exhibition in Friedrichshafen, Germany, last month.

Sumitomo Demag Integrates Sepro Robots
Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Plastics Machinery GmbH in Germany signed a global agreement with Sepro of France to integrate Sepro robots with Demag NC5 injection machine controls.

Sumitomo Confirms Talks On Acquiring Demag
Last month, Japanese plastics machinery supplier Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd. confirmed that it was in talks regarding the acquisition of Demag Plastics Group, Schwaig, Germany, although no decisions had been made.

Husky’ In-Line Compounding system

K 2007 Injection Molding: Lots of New Machine Choices For Exotic to Everyday Molding
If you were looking for a new machine to mold micro- or mega-sized parts, multiple materials, long fibers, high-speed/high-cavitation packaging, exotic multi-material combinations with compounding on the machine, or just a cost-effective press for general-purpose use—K 2007 had it all.

Hybrid Evos toggle line

What's New at the Show in INJECTION MOLDING
At the big “K” Show next month, top billing goes to new all-electric machines aimed at every segment of the market, from general-purpose to high-end.

Demag Ceases Press Building in Ohio
This month, Demag Plastics Group of Germany will end building of injection machines at the former Van Dorn facility in Strongsville, Ohio.

Molding thin-wall, tight-tolerance

Electric, Hydraulic, or Hybrid? What's the Right Injection Press for You?
If you were buying an injection molding machine 20 years ago, you had to decide between a toggle or fully hydraulic clamp and that was pretty much it.

MPM Restructures Plastics Machinery
Mannesmann Plastics Machinery GmbH, Munich, the world’s largest maker of plastics and rubber machinery, announced a restructuring of its operations.

Spin Stack tooling from Gram Technology

In-Mold Assembly: The New Frontier for Multi-Shot Molding
The drive to eliminate secondary operations is pushing multi-shot injection molding a step farther—toward assembling separate components in the tool via snap-fits, welding, and co-molding of incompatible materials.

Direct-drive servo-electric motors

NPE 2006 News Wrap-Up: Injection Molding
Advances in electric drive technology were evident in nearly every injection machine builder’s booth in Chicago.

MPM Sold to U.S. Investment Co.
Mannesmann Plastics Machinery (MPM) GmbH in Munich, Germany, the world’s largest maker of plastics and rubber processing machinery, is being purchased by Madison Capital Partners, a Chicago investment group, together with MPM managers.

Sumitomo’s SE-HS

What to See at NPE 2006: Injection Molding
Energy-saving all-electric machines will continue to be a big draw at NPE, where new designs or upgraded models will be found in virtually every press maker’s booth.

NPE 2006 News Flash
Injection MoldingSimplified Hot Runners Save Time & CostA new lower-cost hot-runner alternative to valve gating is suited to less critical cosmetic applications where users need predictable and reliable gate opening but not sequential gate operation.

'Assembly-Line' Production of Injection Presses at Demag
Since January 2005, several hundred small injection molding machines have been produced on a new “progressive-assembly” or “paced-assembly” line at Demag Plastics Group in Wiehe, Germany.

WIT applications are expanding into consumer products

Water Injection Molding: It's All Coming Together
Commercial applications in hollow-part molding with water—or water and gas—are starting to accelerate. They are driven by recent enhancements of process technology, equipment, and materials.

One clamp with six injectors is a new look

The Next Generation of Multi-Component Molding
Multi-shot and coinjection molding techniques are staking out new territory. Mach ines are getting larger and are combining more materials or colors in more sophisticated and imaginative ways.

Netstal's first all-electric injection machine

K 2004 Wrap-Up on Injection Molding: Spotlight on Electric And Multi-Component Machines
Molders were treated to a trove of injection machinery introductions geared toward applications from micro-molding to packaging to large parts.

Multi-component molding

K 2004 News Preview: Injection Molding
The diversity of electric machines will be on display at this year’s show, with several new all-electric versions in direct-drive and belt-driven versions.

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