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Novel Single-Extruder Line For Direct Long-Fiber Thermoplastics

Novel Single-Extruder Line For Direct Long-Fiber Thermoplastics
Dieffenbacher builds single-extruder line for LFT-D to compound recycled materials as powder, chips or pellets.

Hybrid composite molding system at Fraunhofer ICT uses components from Arburg, Dieffenbacher and others.

Arburg & Dieffenbacher Collaborate on Molding Thermoplastic Composites
Arburg’s Fiber Direct Compounding injection unit plus Dieffenbacher’s vertical press yields a system for structural automotive TP composites.

thermoplastic composites

News in TP Composites At JEC 2017 Show
Thermoplastic composites were a large part of the innovations on display in Paris.

No News Shortage on Thermoplastic Composites at JEC World 2017

No News Shortage on Thermoplastic Composites at JEC World 2017
Sabic enters continuous carbon-fiber reinforced tape; TxV taps Fiberforge technology; Xenia introduces materials reinforced with hybrid (glass/carbon) fillers; and more.

DLFT process

Long-Fiber Thermoplastics Extend Their Reach
Smaller parts, a wider range of resins and reinforcements,and retrofittable molding equipment were among the news indirect-compounded long-fiber thermoplastics presented at a recent Plastics Technology conference. Extrusion and thermoforming are also new extensions of this process.


Composites Embrace Mass Production
The focus this year at the international JEC Composites Show in Paris was not so much on brand-new processes as on adapting existing processes and materials for mass production, especially of large parts with critical structural demands. Attracting the most attention was wind energy, where composite material usage is growing more than 17%/yr, according to Gurit (formerly SP Systems), a Swiss-based global prepreg supplier with U.S. operations.

Submarine tower

Composites: Lightweight Materials Take on Bullets and Bombs
Topping the news from the year’s biggest composites show are PP ballistic panels, “stealth” composites, thermoplastic RTM, new tooling concepts, microwave curing, “instant” SMC, and laser projection for QC and ply layup.

Composite sheet die

D-LFT Composites Aim for Auto Body Panels
Direct long-fiber thermoplastic (D-LFT) compounding and molding is getting ready to expand beyond non-appearance structural automotive parts to exterior body panels.

In-mold lamination

In-Mold Lamination: U.S. Auto Market Is Catching Up
Although more widely used in Europe, in-mold laminating is gaining a foothold in U.S. automotive interiors. Molders can choose from a handful of different process technologies that promise labor and other cost savings.

Thermoformed TPO rocker molding

Automotive Innovation Trend-Setting Technologies Garner SPE Awards
Paintless in-mold film decorating and carbon-fiber composites are making inroads in appearance and structural parts. Blow molding is finding new interior applications. And long-fiber thermoplastics are cutting weight and cost on the inside and outside of new passenger vehicles.

DLFT injection molding process

Long-Glass Leader-How Faurecia Helped Put TP Composites In the Driver's Seat
Europe's third largest automotive molder, Faurecia, uses five different long-glass thermoplastic molding processes, more than any other molder in the world. It invented half of them, including the world's first in-line compounding- and-injection process.

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