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Dow Launches its First Recycled Resin for Shrink Film Applications

Dow Launches its First Recycled Resin for Shrink Film Applications
The recycled plastic resin is designed specifically for retail and logistic shrink film applications.

world consumption of biodegradable polymers by region

Biodegradable Plastics Volume to Increase More than 50 percent
Western Europe now leads as the largest market with regulation as the most significant driver.

DowDuPont to Invest in Expansion of Specialty Resins and Additives
A series of investments totaling about $100 million over the next two years by DowDupont, Midland, Mich., is aimed at expanding manufacturing capacity and facility modernization at the Sabine River Works (SRW) plant in Orange County, Texas.

DuPont and Dow Plan “Merger of Equals”
Two companies will become one--and then three.

Polyolefins Innovation: Automotive, Packaging, Pipe, Furniture, Flooring, Films
New materials and processes for injection and blow molding, extrusion, compounding, and thermoforming were discussed at the recent SPE Polyolefins Conference.


Headlines from the K 2013 Show
Here’s just a taste of the innovations on display, a selection of the top headlines not covered in our September show preview.

Dow Plans Multiple Materials Production Units on Gulf Coast
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Several new specialty material production units will be build on the U.S.


Tips and Techniques: How to Downgauge Film Without Losing the ‘Feel’ of Quality
These days, blown film processors supplying converters and packagers with high-end materials are between a rock and a hard place.

Alpine’s seven-layer blown film line

Seven-Layer R&D Line Spurs Blown Film Innovation
Business might be slow in most blown film extrusion markets, but leading-edge processors are preparing for better times by tapping into a seven-layer line installed last year at Dow Chemical Co.’s Film Application Development Center (FADC) in Freeport, Tex.

Dow Divests Most of Its Plastics
Last month, Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Mich., agreed to sell its Styron Div. to Bain Capital Partners, a Boston-based private-equity firm.

Dow Launches Healthcare PE Resins Family
The Dow Chemical Co., Houston, recently introduced its Health+ line of polyethylene resins for medical and pharmaceutical packaging, as well as medical devices such as protective needle caps and sheaths, labware, and incidental parts such as handles.

ANTEC at NPE: Editors' Picks
One of the unusual features of NPE 2009 in Chicago June 22-24 will be the first-ever concurrent presentation of the SPE ANTEC conference, by far the largest of seven conferences at McCormick Place during the show.

Lots of Recent Acquisitions In Resins and Additives
A number of major businesses have changed hands recently.

K-Dow Joint Venture Is Scrapped by Kuwait
The K-Dow Petrochemicals joint venture of Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Mich., and Petrochemical Industries Co. (PIC) sub. of Kuwait Petroleum Corp. (KPC), was canceled on Dec. 28, just before it was to launch on Jan. 1.

Dow’s At-Press TPO blending system

Automotive TPOs: Improved Processing, Better Appearance
Last Fall’s annual SPE Automotive TPO Global Conference in Sterling Heights, Mich., heard presentations on new formulations that cut cost by eliminating the compounding step and that bridge the gap between molded-in-color and painted parts.

K-Dow Joint Venture Now in Place
The new 50:50 joint venture between Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Mich., and Petrochemical Industries Co. (PIC), sub. of Kuwait Petroleum Corp., was officially launched Jan. 1.

Dow to Buy Rohm and Haas
Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Mich., has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Rohm and Haas of Philadelphia.

Auto interiors

Clear Road Ahead for TPOs, TPVs
Olefinic TPEs originally comprised only two classes of rubber-modified polypropylene, known as TPO and TPV. More recently, these have been supplemented by new types of olefinic elastomers that can be used on their own or as the rubber component in TPO/TPV compounds. Additionally, a small handful of specialty TPEs using olefinic matrices occupy niche applications.

Overmolding adhesion of TPEs is undergoing constant improvement

TPEs Move Up the Performance Scale
This first of two articles on directions in TPE development focuses on styrenic, copolyester, polyamide, and TP urethane elastomers. The following article covers olefinics—TPOs, TPVs, and POEs.

Impact modifiers and processing aids for PLA

Additives and Colorants Score Dramatic Advances
Among the host of new additives at K 2007 were a number of unusual entries: additives to add scratch resistance or reduce odor, leaps ahead in PP clarifying, specialized antioxidant protection for nanocomposites, a growth enhancer for greenhouse films, and a naturally free-flowing TiO2. In addition, “Green” was the theme of exhibits that highlighted “all-natural” additives for biopolymers, and colors to enliven recycled resins.

Hot rollers at Plantic

What's Ahead for 'Green' Plastics: Look for More Supply, More Varieties, Better Properties
Major chemical companies are investing big bucks in new plants and technologies to produce plastics from annually renewable sources, not from petrochemicals.

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