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DuPont and Dow Plan “Merger of Equals”
Two companies will become one--and then three.

Composite wind blades

Wind Power Blades Energize Composites Manufacturing
The world’s growing appetite for wind energy is transforming wind blades into one of the hottest composite applications around. The huge build-up of wind-power generating capacity—particularly in the U.S, China, and Spain—has raised a bumper crop of new plants for manufacturing these composite parts.

Toughen Epoxies Without Affecting Viscosity or Cure
A new line of low-viscosity epoxy tougheners is designed for amine-cured, DICY, anhydride-, and phenolic-cured systems where greater mechanical performance is needed in addition to adhesion and corrosion/chemical resistance.

Dow Adds Capacity in PUR Polyols and Epoxies
Dow Polyurethanes, Midland, Mich., plans to add 130 million lb/yr of specialty polyols capacity at Freeport, Texas, with start-up slated for early 2009.

Product Categories of Dow Chemical Company, Epoxy Products

Epoxy Hardeners
Epoxy--Formulated Systems and Compounds