Somos Materials by DSM

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As Seen In Plastics Technology

Materials: Tougher, Stronger SL Resin for Functional Prototypes—December 2010
WEB EXCLUSIVE: An “unprecedented combination of stiffness and toughness” is said to characterize Somos NeXt stereolithography (SL) resin from DSM Somos, Elgin, Ill.

Automotive clutch

Additive Manufacturing: New Capabilities for Rapid Prototypes And Production Parts
Many plastics processors are just starting to become familiar with the terms “additive manufacturing” or “additive fabrication,” which refer to a group of processes that build up parts by successively adding material, often in layers.

Prototype and short-run production molds

Blow Molders and Thermoformers Try Plastic Rapid Tooling
Rapid prototyping (RP) equipment is increasingly being used to manufacture prototype and short-run production molds for blow molded and thermoformed parts.

More Rugged Resins For Stereolithography
Two new resins are touted as breakthroughs in stereolithography (SL) rapidprototyping and rapid-manufacturing materials in that they boast a much closer approximation of thermoplastic ruggedness and durability.


New Materials Extend Reach of Rapid Prototyping
Stronger, tougher, stiffer, faster, and better-looking materials reflect the growing interest in rapid-prototyping and rapid-tooling technologies that can significantly decrease product development time and cost.

Product Categories of Somos Materials by DSM

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing/Prototyping Materials)