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polyquest inside facility

Betting Big on Recycled PET
Distributor of virgin PET resins PolyQuest is also a growing manufacturer of recycled PET resins.

Innovation, Customization & Sustainability: How Flex Films Focuses on U.S. Market
Global player in BOPET film has big plans for U.S. market with innovative products developed collaboratively with customers while paying heed to environmental concerns.

'Circular Economy' Dominates Discussion of Resins, Additives at K 2019
New product launches from materials suppliers at the giant show shine light on sustainability. 

Injection Molding: Faster, Smarter, More Efficient Machines Tackle Sustainable Molding at K 2019
Blazing speed plus shrinking energy consumption supported the “green” theme at the big show. Smarter controls and growing connectivity were another key focus.

pellets and flakes

Recycling & Scrap Reclaim: Machinery Technology Advances as 'Circular Economy' Takes Hold
The circular economy and recycling were the top themes at K 2019, and machine builders responded with new systems to improve equipment performance and material quality.

Plastic Patrol founder Lizzie Carr (right) with Anantshree Chaturvedi, FlexFilms International vice chairman & CEO.

Unlikely Pairing: Environmental Activist and Multinational Packaging Manufacturer See Eye to Eye on Global Plastic Waste Crisis
Both want plastics out of the natural environment. They agree that human behavior is the problem. One global firm is altering its own behavior to promote four types of recycling.

FlexBlow’s new Beauty series two-stage stretch-blow machines offer quick changeovers and “zero-scratch” handling of preforms for cosmetic containers.

K 2019 Preview: Blow Molding Exhibits Focus on Recycling & PET
Spotty information from blow molding machinery exhibitors indicates that the “Circular Economy” will be a recurrent theme and that PET processing will predominate.

Engel’s new Technology Center

Who’s Doing Research to Advance the Plastics Industry?
Machinery suppliers are taking the lead in plastics R&D. Engel offers one example.

How does injection molding relate to plastics recycling and reuse? K 2019 will provide some answers.

K 2019 Preview: Injection Molding Goes for the ‘Green’
‘Circular Economy’ joins Industry 4.0 as common themes of injection molding exhibits in Düsseldorf.

Ecoallene material

Recycling: Friction Washer, Bottle-to-Bottle Packaging Application
Amut is presenting plenty of new recycling technology at K2019. 

Erema equipment

Recycling: New Technology for In-house Scrap Reclaim
At K2019, Erema will present a new Intarema ZeroWaste Pro system for in-house recycling of flexible packaging scrap and a shredder/extruder combination for in-house scrap recycling.

Erema, Kautex and Braskem logo

Braskem, Kautex, Erema Partner to Showcase Circular Economy in Action at K2019
Live demos include the production of three-layer HDPE bottles with a foamed middle layer, made with bioplastics and PCR, as well as recycling the bottles on-site during K.  

Circular Economy will be celebrated by Engel at K 2019.

‘Circular Economy’ Will Be Unifying Theme at K 2019 Show
Even injection machine suppliers like Engel will talk about ways their technology can support recycling.

Erema, Sipa, Kyoei Industry and Suntory leaders

Erema and Sipa's Xtreme Renew Recycling Technology Wins World Packaging Award
Erema, Sipa, Kyoei Industry and Suntory, four companies involved in developing the system, recieved the award for this unique example of a closed plastic loop.

Valeria Orozco Nestlé

Recycling a Key Focus at The Packaging Conference
Packaging trends, innovation and initiatives were discussed—all with an emphasis on sustainability.  

Erema Group Acquires 60% Stake in Plasmac
This acquisition expands Erema’s range of tailor-made plastic recycling solutions for in-house applications.

Erema Vacunite

Recycling: New Vacuum/Nitrogen SSP Technology Enhances RPET Purity
The Austrian producer of plastics recycling machines brings together its Vacurema bottle-to-bottle process with newly patented, vacuum-supported solid-state polycondensation (SSP) from Polymetrix for this new technology. 

Recycling film at Erema North America's Discovery Day

New Recycling Technology Debuts At Erema Open House
Several new developments for PET recycling, as well as a new turnkey recycling systems program, made headlines at Erema’s recent customer demonstration day.

Erema Intarema 1108 T

Recycling/Scrap Reclaim at NPE2018: Technology Focuses on Boosting Regrind Consistency, Pellet Quality
There will be no shortage of new technology and highlights of the latest trends in recycling and sustainability at NPE2018.

Erema's Intarema T

New Technology Focuses On Higher Quality In Plastics Recycling
Erema’s Intarema T 1108 is live at Booth W1249, processing clean LDPE production waste direct and without pre-shredding to make high-quality regrind.

Chinaplas Adds Recycling Technology Zone
More than 150 exhibitors will be gathered together as part of a new Recycling Technology Zone at Chinaplas 2016, reflecting the country and the industry’s burgeoning interest in more ecological operations.

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