Ettlinger North America LP

1555 Senoia Rd.
Suite A
Tyrone, GA 30290 US

Melt Filtration Division


As Seen In Plastics Technology

Maag Buys Ettlinger
Moves expands Maag’s position in melt filtration. Novel injection presses could also get a boost.

Recycling: Improved Melt Filter at Fakuma
Extrude contaminated reclaim at much higher rates with the same quality.

Injection Presses for Giant Pipe Fittings Coming to U.S.
2200-ton press molds parts up to 220 lb.

Unusual Machine Molds Large Sewer Manhole Systems
Giant press molds PP parts weighing 136 lb.

Product Categories of Ettlinger North America LP

Extruder Screens, Screen Packs, Screen Changers, Breaker Plates, Other Melt-Filtration Equipment
Liquid Resin Filtration Materials, Equipment
Machine Maintenance Services
Scrap-reclaim Systems

Trade Names

Continous Melt Filter ECO 200
Continous Melt Filter ECO 250
Continous Melt Filter ERF 200
Continous Melt Filter ERF 250
Continous Melt Filter ERF 500