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As Seen In Plastics Technology

Multiple Frame Styles With New Highly-Transparent Nylon Eyewear
Developed by Evonik and Tungfung, Implex preform technology offers greater flexibility for eyeglasses.

Oil Additive Helps Hydraulic Presses Save Energy
Hydraulic oil additive maintains more uniform viscosity over a range of oil temperatures.

sheet metal substrated formed in a mold overmolded in nylon

Copolyamide Promotes Bonding of Metal to Plastic In Hybrid Overmolding
Adhesive coating enables one-step in-mold forming and overmolding of sheet metal.

Want to Get More Out of Your Hydraulic Machines?
Get up to 10% more energy efficiency out of a hydraulic press without spending a penny on drive hardware upgrades.

Evonik Shares Results of its Post-it Note Campaign at K 2016
Environmental protection and sustainability led visitors’ comments.

Rotuba President and CEO Adam Bell

Profile Extruder Sees the Light
Rotuba exited the sheet business to focus on custom profiles for LED light fixtures. It now ranks as North America’s leading profile extruder in this burgeoning market.

PolyOne’s thermally conductive formulations

New Materials Shine Bright In Growing LED Market
Rapid expansion of LED technology has spurred development of new formulations for a wide range of lighting components. Here are examples of activity in this fast-moving field.

Evonik in Alliance to Expand Lighting Product Portfolio
Aiming to expand further in LED technology, Evonik teams up with global optical elements supplier.

High-Tech Implant for Leg-Lengthening Treatment by PEEK
Evonik has invested in a start-up company that has developed a high-tech leg-lengthening implant that uses Vestakeep PEEK.

MATERIALS: PPA for High-Performance Electrical/Electronics Uses
Evonik's new PPA is aimed at high-end LEDs found in headlamps, flat-screen TVs and moveable lens module units for smartphones.

Evonik Invests in Thermoplastic Composite Pipelines
New pipelines feature inner plastic pipe covered with a composite of unidirectional tapes which are then sheathed by the plastic--HDPE, PP, nylon 12, and PEEK can be used.

Evonik Extends Support Of Deep Sea Exploration
With its Plexiglas observation dome, the Lula1000 submarine is discovering numerous previously unknown species.

MATERIALS: Black Nylon 12 Compound Meets Strict Railway Car Standards
Evonik's new black-colored nylon 12 meets stringent requirements for fire protection for cable and conduits of railway cars and more.

'Germ Warfare’: New Materials Withstand Sterilization, Disinfectant Barrage
At recent Plastec West show, material suppliers introduced grades that can withstand more and more varied sterilizations and/or materials that utilize specialty additives to impart antimicrobial properties.

Additives News at K 2013
More economical, higher performing, sustainable, and more finely tailored to specific applications—those features summarize the key advantages claimed for new additives showcased at K 2013.

Impact modifiers and processing aids for PLA

Additives and Colorants Score Dramatic Advances
Among the host of new additives at K 2007 were a number of unusual entries: additives to add scratch resistance or reduce odor, leaps ahead in PP clarifying, specialized antioxidant protection for nanocomposites, a growth enhancer for greenhouse films, and a naturally free-flowing TiO2. In addition, “Green” was the theme of exhibits that highlighted “all-natural” additives for biopolymers, and colors to enliven recycled resins.

Arosperse line of carbon blacks

Colorants and Additives Make a Splash at NPE 2003
Molders, extruders, and compounders found a host of new additives, including colorants, compatibilizers, impact modifiers, foaming agents, and processing aids.

Product Categories of Evonik Corporation

Abrasion Resistant Coatings
Acrylic Copolymers
Antiblocking Agents
Crosslinking Agents for Thermoplastics
Fillers--Mineral or Other Inorganic Type
Nylon/Abs Alloys
Nylons - Other
Nylon--Type 12
Nylon--Type 6/66 Copolymer
Nylon--Type 610
Nylon--Type 66
Polyamide, Aromatic
Polyetheretheketone (PEEK), Polyetherketone (PEK) and Other Polyketones
Polyphthalamide (PPA)
Prepregs (thermoplastic)
Processing Aids--Mineral/Inorganic Type
Processing Aids--Other Organic Types
Reinforcements--Glass Fiber
Reinforcements--Nylon, PET or PP Fiber
Stock Shapes--Film
Stock Shapes--Rod, Tube
Stock Shapes--Sheet
Thermoplastic Elastomers--Polyamide Type