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Mixing Tip Is Easy on Thermoplastics and LSR

Mixing Tip Is Easy on Thermoplastics and LSR
A new mixing tip suited to both thermoplastics and thermosets, including liquid silicone rubber, was introduced at the IPF show in Japan by the Japanese parent of Fisa Corp., Shelbyville., Tenn.

LSR filter element

Injection Molding LSR: Three 'M's of Innovation: Mega, Micro, and Multi
Liquid silicone rubber is breaking out of its niche into a broader array of applications, helped by new developments in materials, machinery, and processing. Larger parts, micro-parts, foams, and multi-color or multi-material combinations are key areas of innovation.

Ultra nozzle tips

NPE 2003 News Wrap-Up: Hot Runners
From complete hot halves to individual nozzles, a host of new products promise smaller gate vestiges, less maintenance, better temperature control, and lower cost.

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