Flexicon Corp.

2400 Emrick Blvd.
Bethlehem, PA 18020 US


As Seen In Plastics Technology

Materials Handling: Dust-Tight Drum Dumper
Designed for use with poorly-flowing or agglomerated materials.

Flexicon Bulk-Out Bulk Bag Discharger

Material Handling: Discharger Pierces Single-Use Bags to Boost Productivity
Allows feeding of downstream processes at ultra-high rates.

Drum-Dumping Station

Material Handling: Automated Bulk Solids Drum-Dumping Station
Allows safe, high-capacity transfer from drums of all popular sizes weighing up to 750 lb.

Low-Profile Flexible Screw Conveyor

Material Handling:Plug-and-Play Screw Conveyor
Unit rolls below mezzanines and other low-headroom areas to receive material overhead.

Flexicon Drum Dumper

Material Handling: Drum Dumper Has Integral Flex-Screw Conveyor
Unit accommodates drums from 30 to 55 gal weighing up to 750 lb and measuring 36 to 48 in. in height.

Flexicon IBC Discharger Accomodates Low Headroom

Materials Handling: IBC Discharger for Low Headroom
Available with an integral flexible screw conveyor, tubular cable conveyor, or pneumatic conveying system.

Flexicon Mobile Conveyor

Material Handling: Screw Conveyor Goes Mobile, Adds Trough Hopper
Two new models of flexible screw conveyors are available from Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, Pa.

Flexicon BFC Bulk-Bag Discharger

Materials Handling: Enclosed Bulk-Bag Discharger
A new Bulk-Out Model BFC bulk-bag discharger from Flexicon Corp.., Bethlehem, Pa., has an enclosure to contain dust escaping through the seams or fabric of unlined bulk bags.

Flexicon material bulk-transfer system with vibratory feeder.

Materials Handling: High-Lift Box Dumper Comes With Vibratory Feeder
Unit moves material from boxes into a mobile bin with vibratory feeder that supplies multiple downstream processes.


Conveying: Mobile Screen Conveyor For Non-Free-Flowing Materials
Removes oversized particles, reduces agglomerates.

MATERIALS HANDLING: Pneumatic Weigh Hopper Has Fill/Pass Valve
Designed for dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems.

MATERIALS HANDLING: Wide-Inlet Bulk Bag Filler
Allows filling of large, moist of dense chunks and semi-solids.

MATERIALS HANDLING: Stainless Steel High-Lift Box Container/Dumper
A new stainless steel Tip-Tite High-Lift Box/Container Dumper from Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, Pa., discharges dust-free into vessels 6 to 10 ft (1830 to 3050 mm) above the plant floor.

MATERIAL HANDLING: Dust-Tight Mobile Drum Dumper
Unit comes ready to plug-in and run.

MATERIAL HANDLING: Bulk-Bag Filler Built for Safety
Swing-down fill head pivots to operator at floor level.

Flexicon Doubles in Size
At 40 years old, bulk materials-handling equipment supplier builds out.

MATERIALS HANDLING: Sanitary Bulk-Bag Filler Detects Metal
Stainless construction with load cells for filling by weight.

AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT: Sanitary Bulk-Bag Filler Detects Metal
Integral metal detector/separator detects metal in the free-fall stream of material entering the filler, and then ejects it through a chute.

AUXILIARIES: Vacuum Receiver with Pneumatic Dump Valve
Single, large filter cartridge allows fast changes.

News in Dust Control at NPE 2006
Five exhibitors at the recent NPE show in Chicago brought out devices for dust control in materials handling: The newest version of DeDuster technology from Pelletron Corp., Lancaster, Pa., is the XP Series (photo), which is more economical, more energy efficient, and half the height of previous models but has twice the cleaning area for higher throughput.

Product Categories of Flexicon Corp.

Conveying Equipment (pneumatic and Mechanical)
Hopper Loaders
Hoppers, Bins, Tanks
Metering, Proportioning Equipment