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As Seen In Plastics Technology

R&D Effort to Boost Efficiency in Thermoformed Packaging
Key is tiny, individually controlled ceramic heaters that allows optimal regulation of film thickness.

Engel injection molding system for thermoplastic composites

New Machines & Processes for Medical, Auto, Packaging, Electronics
Engel’s technical symposium in June attracted 2700 visitors from 35 countries to two days of technical presentations and 18 injection molding exhibits at the company’s plant in St.

K 2010 Preview, Auxiliaries: Equipment of All Types Debuts This Month at K 2010
From materials drying, feeding, and blending to process heating/cooling, scrap reclaiming, testing, welding, and decorating—the K 2010 show this month in Dusseldorf, Germany, will have news in all categories of auxiliary equipment.

DLFT process

Long-Fiber Thermoplastics Extend Their Reach
Smaller parts, a wider range of resins and reinforcements,and retrofittable molding equipment were among the news indirect-compounded long-fiber thermoplastics presented at a recent Plastics Technology conference. Extrusion and thermoforming are also new extensions of this process.

Water Slurry Aids Nano-Compounding
Dispersing nano-scale fillers in high-viscosity plastic melts is no simple feat.

Biocomposites by In-Line Compounding and Molding

Biocomposites by In-Line Compounding and Molding
Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institut fur Chemische Technologie in Pfinztal, Germany, have been exploring new techniques for making biocomposites of biobased polymers and natural fibers like hemp or flax.

New Chevy Volt electric concept car

Auto Glazing: Film, Coinjection & Coating Technologies Advance
Hard-surfacing options for molded plastic glazing now include plasma instead of wet coatings–and replacing coatings altogether with in-mold film lamination or multi-layer coinjection.

Submarine tower

Composites: Lightweight Materials Take on Bullets and Bombs
Topping the news from the year’s biggest composites show are PP ballistic panels, “stealth” composites, thermoplastic RTM, new tooling concepts, microwave curing, “instant” SMC, and laser projection for QC and ply layup.

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