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K 2019 Preview: Auxiliaries Showcase Connectivity & Efficiency
At press time, a handful of auxiliary suppliers shared some of their K 2019 plans, highlighting connectivity and efficiency in their planned displays.

Frigel Microgel chiller/TCUs are engineered to record and monitor energy consumption, as well as other essential process-cooling data.

Strike the Right Balance in Process Cooling to Improve Product Quality & Profitability
Weigh planning methodology and today’s technology to cost-effectively address your process-cooling needs.

Frigel 3FR Modular Air-Cooled Chillers

Cooling: Modular Air-Cooled Chillers Cover a Variety of Processes
Frigel’s 3FR Modular Air-Cooled Chillers combine high cooling capacity and energy efficiency to decrease cooling times for injection and blow molding, as well as blown film and cast sheet/film extrusion.

Royal Interpack: Force in PET Packaging

Giving the ‘Royal’ Treatment in PET Packaging
In the U.S. for just seven years, Royal Interpack is emerging as a growing, innovative, customer-centric supplier of food packaging.

Heating/Cooling: CORRECTION
Delta T Systems joins Mokon and Frigel in offering a combination heating/cooling system of a chiller and TCU in one package.

Delta T Systems introduces its first combination chiller and TCU in one package.

Heating/Cooling: Process Heating & Cooling in One Unit
All-in-one unit saves space, cost, and energy.

Frigel 3FX water cooled central chiller

Heating/Cooling: Modular Line Eases Expansion, Applies Free Cooling
Water-cooled chillers range from 25 to 139 tons and can run in parallel or series configuration. 

Frigel logo

Heating/Cooling: Variotherm & Economy TCUs Debut at Fakuma
Active variotherm hot/cold circulators are new for Frigel, which also brought out an economical pressurized-water TCU built in India.

CH3 Solutions Rodney Davenport

‘Intelligent’ Cooling Helps Molder Improve Productivity, Profitability & Quality
Cost-effective and user-friendly process-cooling system gives custom molder the ability to do more with less.

Orindo Dorin and Al Fosco

Chilling Combination: Frigel Acquires Green Box
Two Italian headquartered makers of process-cooling equipment have combined with Frigel Firenze SpA of Florence acquiring Padua’s Green Box Srl in a deal announced at NPE2018.

Engel e-temp TCU

NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Process Cooling
Key themes in chillers at NPE2018 are efficiency, connectivity and transparency.

Conair Carousel dessicant-wheel dryer

Auxiliaries at NPE2018: Packing More Functions in Less Space
Auxiliary equipment suppliers are building more and more technology into their products, packing more physical and virtual functions into the same or smaller footprints.

Frigel Microgel chiller

Portable Chillers Now Capture Energy Data
In addition to energy consumption, the Microgel digital controls allow processors to review temperatures, pressures and flow rates.

Frigel System at Royal Interpack

Cooling Makeover Helps Plant Boost Efficiency, Save Energy
Switch to new system also allows extruder and thermoformer to boost throughputs.

Integrated Process Cooling Boosts Output, Cuts Costs
Closed-loop system helps an extrusion processor maintain quality of reusable straws and other products.

Auxiliaries AT NPE: New Controls Link Auxiliaries
Industry 4.0—the internet of things—is bringing a new level of connectivity to auxiliary equipment. Here’s a rundown of developments there, along with other news in auxiliaries from the show.

Frigel’s New Thai Production Plant Nearly Complete
Process cooling technology supplier Frigel, Scandicci, Italy, has nearly completed a new manufacturing site in Thailand that will boost its global production footprint by more than 50%.

AUXILIARIES AT NPE: More Control, Flexibility, And Efficiency
These are key trends in the many kinds of auxiliary equipment displayed at this month’s show. You’ll also see equipment designed to be virtually ‘foolproof.’

K 2013: More Efficient, Flexible & User-Friendly Auxiliaries
It’s hard to generalize about auxiliary equipment, but a few trends stood out at K, including: greater energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and cleaning, controls that provide more real-time and historical process information and greater ease of use.

Auxiliaries at NPE: News in Materials Handling, Cooling, Granulating, Welding, Testing, Decorating
Auxiliary equipment takes in a broad range of functions, from materials preparation to post-mold finishing.

Auxiliaries at NPE: New Solutions from Material Preparation To Post-Mold Operations
There will be an extraordinary range of new auxiliary equipment on display at the show.

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