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Company Profile

Gala manufactures the world's finest plastic pelletizers and centrifugal dryers.


Since 1959 Gala Industries has operated with the singular focus of providing the world’s best plastic pelletizing systems.

As Seen In Plastics Technology

Maag to Expand Virginia Plant
Gala facility for making underwater pelletizers and centrifugal dryers to be expanded by 20%.

Ueli Thuerig, President Maag Group

Maag Realigns Brand, Corporate Strategy
The new brand and business strategy will be presented for the first time at K 2019.

BPC Toll Compounding & Blending Mike Krause, general manager; Reggie Dunn, process manager; and Austin Castleberry, operator.

Growing Compounder Targets Tolling
Illinois-based compounder BPC boosts capacity with high-output twin-screw to target more toll-compounding business.

COMPOUNDING: High-Throughput Polyolefin Pellet Dryer
Centrifugal dryer claims highest known capacity for drying polyolefins.


Maag, Gala and RE Scheer form Maag Americas
This newly formed entity of Maag will offer customers in the polymer industry a local sales and service support through a consolidated network.

Maag Buys Gala, RE Scheer
New powerhouse in pelletizers.

Maag Buys Gala
Both companies project 'perfect fit.' Each make underwater pelletizers and centrifugal dryers.

Chinese TPE Compounder Reshores to Chicago Area
New TPE compounder in the Midwest launched by a Chinese-born, U.S. citizen who already had a successful compounding operation in his homeland.

EXTRUSION AND COMPOUNDING NPE: Flexibility, Speed and Quality
Extrusion processors need more—of everything—to compete. And suppliers responded in force in Orlando.

As in speed, power, quality, flexibility, layers, and efficiency. Those are the trends across all extrusion processes.

COMPOUNDING: Rotational Valve Solves Clogged-Pellet Problem
Gala will be introducing a Rotational Valve at NPE2015.

Solving Common Problems in Underwater Pelletizing
Pellet quality and consistency are critical to any compounding operation. But in underwater pelletizing, a variety of issues can stand in the way. Here’s how to fix them.

Extrusion/Compounding at K 2013: Having It All
Extrusion processors no longer need to chose among speed, quality, and flexibility, based on exhibits at K 2013.

Extrusion & Compounding at NPE: Advances Push Efficiency Envelope
Blown film towers may have been scarce, but there was no shortage of new technology aimed at helping to make extrusion processors more profitable.

Compounding: New Torque Record Set At K '10
New twin from Coperion also pumps up output by 30%

EXTRUSION & COMPOUNDING: Five-Layer Film Structures Set to Supplant Three Layers?
In blown film, equipment and material suppliers have come together to push five-layer technology into non-barrier applications previously held by three-layer films.

ZE 60 A UTX twin-screw extruder

K 2010 Preview, Compounding ‘Slower’ Compounders Suggest Trend Toward Energy-Efficient Designs
channel depth in larger machines, which exposes the material to less mechanical stress at comparable residence times.

Steer’s H Class corotating twin-screw

NPE News in Compounding
Compounding news at the show includes several new ways to feed low-bulk-density materials faster for higher outputs with corotating twin screws.

Steer showed a twin-screw extruder

K 2007 Compounding: New Approaches to Mixing, Pelletizing
In addition to the news reported in our September K Show preview (see Learn More), previously unrevealed developments in Dusseldorf include several ingenious devices designed to save energy, reduce wear, and safeguard compounded material properties.

Make WPC Pellets with Less Internal Moisture
By moving pellets very rapidly through the water after the cutting chamber in an underwater pelletizer, Gala Industries Inc., Eagle Rock, Va., retains more heat in the pellets.

Product Categories of Gala Industries, Inc. -- a Member of Maag

Dryers for Resins
Scrap-reclaim Systems

Trade Names

Gala Automatik