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NPE2018 New Technology Focus: Sealing the Deal
New assembly technologies range from upgraded ultrasonic welders to a system that boasts a revolution in the design and manufacturing of threaded products.

Conair Carousel dessicant-wheel dryer

Auxiliaries at NPE2018: Packing More Functions in Less Space
Auxiliary equipment suppliers are building more and more technology into their products, packing more physical and virtual functions into the same or smaller footprints.


Enhanced Ultrasonic Welders Boast Speedier Changeovers
Herrmann Ultrasonics' Vario series of welders includes two new levels of security.

WELDING: Upgraded Anniversary Edition Ultrasonic Welder Launched
New look, additional safety features and more featured in Herrmann's new edition of its HiQ Medialog ultrasonic welder.

Auxiliaries AT NPE: New Controls Link Auxiliaries
Industry 4.0—the internet of things—is bringing a new level of connectivity to auxiliary equipment. Here’s a rundown of developments there, along with other news in auxiliaries from the show.

AUXILIARIES AT NPE: More Control, Flexibility, And Efficiency
These are key trends in the many kinds of auxiliary equipment displayed at this month’s show. You’ll also see equipment designed to be virtually ‘foolproof.’

WELDING: Functional Integration Demonstration
Herrmann UItrasonics will showcase live demonstrations of the welding process by interlinking of several production steps.

How Pre-Loaded Ultrasonic Welders Save Time in Automated Assembly
Pre-loaded assembly systems mounted on a robot arm are a relatively new, time-saving concept in ultrasonic welding that maintains precision and process repeatability.

WELDING: Low-Force Ultrasonic Welder for the Smallest Mechanical Precision Parts
Low-force version of ultrasonic welder can achieve repeatable welds with low welding forces down to 5 N.

Auxiliaries at NPE: New Solutions from Material Preparation To Post-Mold Operations
There will be an extraordinary range of new auxiliary equipment on display at the show.

New-Generation Welder Answers Users’ Requests
Customers requested enhanced process control, faster tool changes and setup, and increased speed and efficiency of the welding process.

New-Generation Welder Answers User Requests
Customers requested enhanced process control, faster tool changes and setup, and increased speed and efficiency of the welding process.

Data Management Software For Ultrasonic Welders
DataRecorder from Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc., Bartlett, Ill., is a new Windows-based add-on software package that improves the data-management and communications capabilities of the company’s Dialog ultrasonic welders.

The industry’s first all-electric vibration welder

New Welding Technologies Grabbed Spotlight at K Show
Greater use of electric servo drives and new hybrid systems incorporating multiple joining methods were recurring themes among the latest plastics welding and assembly equipment introduced at the recent K 2007 show in Dusseldorf.

Herrmann Moves
Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc. has moved into a larger facility in Bartlett, Ill.

Rotary Indexer for Ultrasonic Welding
A new tabletop rotary indexing unit from Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc., Bartlett, Ill., is said to be a compact solution for automated or semi-automated ultrasonic welding of small parts in moderate volumes.

Herrmann Ultrasonics Moving to New HQ
Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc., maker of welding and bonding equipment, plans to move next month from Schaumburg, Ill., to new headquarters in Bartlett, Ill.

Ultrasonics Take Aim at Pouch Sealing
Herrmann Ultrasonics has installed an ultrasonic pouch-sealing system for application development at its Schaumberg, Ill., headquarters.

Micro-molding gives way to nano-molding

Headlines for the Next 50 Years
Ever wonder what it would be like to get tomorrow’s newspaper today? After reviewing the most important technical developments of the past 50 years in our October issue, we asked industry experts to help us imagine the biggest headlines in plastics from now to 2055. What we got was a mixture of predictions of what will happen and a wish list of what should happen.

Typical weld process graph

Graphical Analysis Helps Find and Fix Ultrasonic Welding Problems
Ultrasonic plastic welding uses acoustics (mechanical sound waves) to create frictional heat, producing a molecular bond between plastic materials.

Open Loop Weld By Time

How to Use Those Fancy Ultrasonic Welding Controls
You know how to set a timer, but newer ultrasonic welders also offer control by energy, collapse distance, and absolute distance. Do you know when and how to exploit these options to make better welds?

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