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As Seen In Plastics Technology

Mold Release for Low-Gloss Auto Parts
A new mold-release coating is said to achieve superior results in molding low-gloss urethane automotive parts like steering wheels, armrests, and other interior components.

Mold Release for PUR Elastomers
A new mold release is designed for urethane elastomers used in auto interiors.

Mold Release for Vinyl Ester Parts
A new mold release is designed to maintain exceptional mold detail in compression molded vinyl ester parts.

Mold Release for Energy-Absorbing Foam
A specially formulated mold release is designed to protect molds from aggressive PUR foam formulations used for energy-absorbing automotive applications.

Low-Gloss Mold Release For Polyurethane
A new low-gloss, water-based mold release is specifi cally designed for in-mold painted PUR auto interior parts.

Mold Release for Rubbers
A water-based, semi-permanent mold release is designed to overcome mold fouling with natural and synthetic rubbers.

Release for Rotomolding
A proprietary water-based, semipermanent mold release formulated for rotational molding is claimed to provide a consistently cleaner mold with less build-up.

Mold Release for Flexible PUR Foam Auto Parts
A new spray-on mold release for flexible urethane foam reportedly cuts mold-maintenance costs in production of sound-absorbing panels for car and truck interiors.

Release for Low-Gloss In-Mold Painted Parts
A new water-based mold release is designed specifically for low-gloss in-mold painted trim for auto interiors.

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